Saturday, July 20, 2013

1st letter!

  Biggest news... 
my visa did not come through yet so I'm being reassigned temporarily, i'll find out where next Thursday or Friday. Only 4 people in my district got theirs. Including my companion because she and 2 of the elders are going to Perth. The 4th who got theirs is an elder going to the Sydney South. Im excited for the opportunity to serve in 2 areas in 2 cultures but I sincerely hope I get my visa soon! I want to just get to Australia!

 Don't worry about me I'm doing okay. Today was SUPER long and a little overwhelming but I'm handling it pretty well I think. I can already see the lord blessing me SO much! 

  Megan is my coordinating sister! Meaning her district is over mine. I've seen her, hugged her, cried with her, and talked to her. God truly abides with his missionaries!
  I've also seen Elder Harris, Elder Angilau, and Elder Larson. They all look great! It's really hard to remember to call Meg sis. Anderson! Ah I'm so happy i have her. Her positivity and smile keep me going.
Anyways I love my district! There are 6 of us 6 girls and 6 boys. All six girls are tightly packed into this teeny room, but it's fun. My companion is Sis. Famuliner. She's from Ogden, she is really nice but a bit reserved. I love all of them already! They are all great. Sister Perez and Sister Rushing, both of whom I met on facebook, are in my district. I love them even more in person.

 I can tell the work will be VERY hard and VERY scary. But I know the Lord will bless me. I am homesick still but I'm survivng. My P-day will be next thursday.

Funny of the week: 

I looked like an idiot when I couldn't open the door. I was pulling SO hard and people were making weird gestures at me. I realized I had to swipe my card... so 5 minutes later, yeah I felt dumb. Ha!
  P.S. I LOVE my name tag! I feel legit!!!

Love, Sister Boiteux

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