Friday, July 26, 2013

Happiest Place on Earth!

    First off whoever said Disney Land was the happiest place on earth is delusional, they obviously haven't been to the MTC! Even though I'm stoked to get out of here it is like a happy prison.  Everyone is so kind and say hi to you and just asks where you are serving.  

Also who ever said chivalry is dead also lied because all the elders are super respectful.  I'm sure they are told to do so or they will be called to repentance haha.  They will run up and open the doors for all the sisters, it's great! 

I LOVE my district, we are the best (and also the most good looking, seriously haha). There are 6 elders and 6 sisters.  2 of the elders and my companion, Sis. Famuliner, are going to Perth Australia and the rest of us are going to Sydney South.  Luckily we DID get our visas so I will be leaving for the Land Down Under on Monday!!! I'm stoked, but also super nervous.  Our poor district leader, Elder Hubbard, didn't get his visa and he has also sprained his ankle and had horrible hives due to an allergic reaction to some meds he is on.  Poor elder.  He's a trooper though and is so positive we all look up to him.  My distric is seriously the best! I love them each.  My companion is Sis. Famuliner and she is from a small town near Ogden.  She's super sweet.  We get along fine. 

    Teaching is REALLY hard, this whole work is the HARDEST thing I have ever done!!!! It's hard to recognize the spirit in planning and in teaching.  You really have to learn the principle of faith and patience.  Things I am trying to do every day.  It's hard to not be afraid of the silence.  I can't wait to get out there and really teach though! I have to teach a lot because my companion is really quiet but thats okay it's making me learn a lot.  I can't wait to get to Australia though!!

    A mission is seriously the coolest.  The first day I got here I could already see His hand influencing me.  Um.... the food is not that great. The beds suck.  And you are literally in class ALL day but its great because you learn a lot.  

Mom thanks for my package with my shoes I really needed them ha.  And i LOVED the treats!! It seriously made my whole week!!! You have no idea how much it means to get a package or a letter.  Emails are nice but letters are the best because you can hold them and smell them... (hint..hint everyone) I WANT LETTERSSSSSS!!! 
i guess I'll have to wait till australia haha. 

So I saw Elder Angilau, Elder Harris, and of course my love Sister Andersen.  It was so great to see them.  They all looked fantastic.  I believe that Mana and Megan are already gone though.  i can't wait to hear about their adventures.  The lord for sure blessed me by giving me Meg as my coordinating sister.

Love, Sister Boiteux

Funnies of the MTC...

So there is an elder in my district who is HILARIOUS!! He says the funniest things. For example
"So whats with this Phillip Phillips guy? His name is Phillip Phillips and he sings Gone, Gone, Gone."
talking about the law of chastity with adam and eve lesson.
Sister H. "It could have gone better"
Elder "It couldn't have gone any worse!"

                                                   Sister Boiteux and Sister Anderson!!

                                                          All the girls in the district


                                        Sister Boiteux and her companion Sister Famuliner

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