Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Breaking the Rules.... SHHHH

dear family,
i'm breaking the rules by emailing you right now so shhh ahha.  so sister pea and I had to get on for my twelve week study but we are emailing too. but don't worry illl be on tomorrow as welll around 12:30 or 1 my time. We are going to the temple at 10. I'm super excited to go to the temple. It will be nice to just focus on that.
Anyways this week has been probably the longest week of my life! It has been SO hoard and sometimes if I think about how uch longer I have left I start to despair so I've learned to try and just focus on my investigators. My homesickness is only so bad in the mornings now.  If I survive the mornings I know ill be okay.  Ive really learned and grown so much already the work is HARD but the reward is sweet.
My companion and I are getting along better. Cultural differences were effecting us but we are working on having more patience one with another. 
God has blessed me sooo much! The relief society president and her husband, Br. and Sis. Mackie, are AMAZING!!! They are just this cute young couple and They have the sister missionaries over once a week for dinner I just love them! This past week we they wanted to make me feel at home so we had hamburgers for dinner num num.  Sis. Mackie is actually from West Jordan, her parents still live there.  It's nice to talk to another Utahn.  Their flat was just so cute and comfortable I really felt at peacce and at home there.  Br. Mackie gave me a blessing and to say the least tears were shed hahah.  I'v very very grateful for them!!!
And guess what yesterday at church we were sitting in sacrament meeting and the first counselor stood up and announced that I would be one of the speakers... Yeah thanks for the notice gosh!! I was freaking out and so sis. mackie just told me to bare testimony.  The bishop is trying to communicate with me from his seat on the stand by slowly saying "testimony" ha.  So i  got up and just bore my testimony again, I did last week to so they got to hear form me twice hah. I cried, it was embarrassing! hahah. To say the least I take it day by day and minute by minute out here in the mission field (Matt 6:34)

this work is not meant for the weak.  I don't know how anybody does this without a strong foundation in Christ and a strong testimony.  My testimony is all that keeps me going out here!  And it builds everyday! My faith has never been more tested, honestly! But at the same time its grown ten fold.  For when I am weak then am I strong (Ether 12:27).

Mom and dad I want you to know how extremally grateful I am for you!! And dad you were right I do miss your sunday roasts ahah.  My companion has the worst eating habits so its hard for me to eath good healthy food plus that and its ahrd to buy good food on a tight budget, things tht won't go bad fast with just me eating it. The temple was AMAZING! It is a super tiny temple but it was so beautiful.  It was so nice to just feel the cleansing power of the spirit.  The new temple video was not played here.  they probably won't get it for at least a few more months they said.  So that was kind of a bummer ha.  I was bawling like a baby.  Its hard here.  But after we were leaving the assistant matron took sister Pea and I to their lounge area and gave us some homemade cookies she had made for all the temple workers! They were DELICIOUS!! She said the recipe was an Emma Smith recipe so thats pretty rad. 

I love the people here but they drive me nuts sometimes haha.  And like I always say I hate the bus but it is a good way to contact people ha.  today an old lady said we looked like christian girls but we need the holy spirit.  We told her we already had it and she said "no you have to say Holy spirit come to me" she thought that she had the priesthood and that she could just touch our shoulders and we would be filled with the holy spirit... yeah interesting. haha.

ALSO my personal address for now is
Sister Ashley Boiteux
39/19-27 Adderton Rd. 
Telopea 2117
NSW, Australia

Funny of the Week!:
So we are on our way to an appointment and we are stopped by an old Saudia Arabia man we see all the time that just cruises around in his wheel chair.  So anyways as we are standing at the corner he comes up to us with his friend and says to me
"do you have a boyfriend"
me: (i lied) "yes I do"
sis. pea has my back and says "yeah she does and he is waiting for her"
old man: "well you should leave him and come with me.  Marry me." 
us: we look at each other dumbfounded
me: "um no thanks... BYE!!"
then we ran away....
talk about aka akward. hahah

well I love you so so so so much and miss you so much too!!


Sister Boiteux

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