Sunday, August 4, 2013

Endure til the end!

Life has been really really really hard.  The first three days I was terribly homesick to the point that I almost called President.  I've never prayed more in my entire life than those three days. 

 It is very different here.  The south mission is very poor.  I am in a place called Telopea and I've been told by almost everyone that it is a very dangerous place and I believe it.  It's very dirty and smelly.  I have to ride the public bus and I absouletly detest it, it is horrible.  It smells like bad b.o. mixed with rancid chinese food... eww!  Everyone is pretty much a horder too.  The living conditions aren't anything like back in the states, it's the slums mates.  But out of all that darkness there is light at the end of the tunnel.  God has given me two miracles.  First off I'll start with Doug.  

We were having a difficult day with tracting and meeting with our investigators.  None of them want to work.  We were just walking to our next appointment when we ran into Doug.  He is a old man who just lost his wife to terrible battle of cancer.  As we talked to him tears came to his eyes and leaked down his cheeks as he told us about her.  We told him god loves him and has  plan for him.  He didn't really want to make an appointment because his wife was a devot catholic and he wanted to respect her but he promised to read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet we gave him with our number.  I don't know that he will call but he touched my heart more than he will know.  I felt his wifes presence and gods love for him.  It helped me to step it up and remember my purpose.  The next miracel was at church yesterday.  Gramma and grandpa this is for you and I will send you an additional email as well.  I ran into Elder and Sister (Steven and Nance) Kohlert.  They said they knew you from California.  I bore my testimony at sacrament meeting and afterwards Elder Kohlert came up to me and asked if I knew a George and Shirley Boiteux to which I replied I most certaintly did.  We had a nice chat about you and dad and aunt yvette.  They live in Holliday Utah and will be returning back to the States from their mission at the end of this month.  Elder Kohlert gave me his info to give to you so I will.  It touched my heart and made me cry, I'm crying now too hahah (thats for you Dylan).  God is merciful and knows I am here!
I'm still homesick and miss you so much and I don't know how I will make it through the next 17 months but I will endure.  I just hope it goes by fast.  It is hard work.

My companion is Sister Pea (pronounced pay-a) she is an older sister and is from Tahiti.  She speaks french so has been teaching me some french and I help her with her english.  It is sometimes hard for us to communicate and we get frustrated with the barrier but we love each other.  She is very sweeet.  Ohhh the languages! It is so diverse here we teach so many cultures I can't understand what half of my investigators say.. I just smile and reply uh-huh half the time haha. 
I keep you in my prayers always.  I can't wait till next week to here from you!
Also my mission address is
Australia Sydney South Mission
P.O. Box 456
Mortdale, NSW 2223
love you
Sister Ashley Boiteux

                                                   These are pictures of her apartment! :)

                                                                MTC memories!!

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