Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wanderer in a Strange Land

Hello Everyone!!
So it's nuts to thing that this Wednesday I'll have been in Australia for one month.  It has gone by both very fast and very slow!!! Everyday is both hard but easy, good but bad.  It is a bipolar mission for me haha.  Anyways I don't really know what all to say.  

Today is p-day and the 6 sisters in my District we are all going to the beach.  We are only allowed to go to the beach in the winter time so we are going to go now before we can't go anymore.  It will be fun! 

On Saturday we had a ward activity on ancestors.  It got me excited to do family history work! That is my goal for all of you, do family history work! And go to the temple and do the work for them!!! That is such great missionary work.  The members in my ward aren't the best at helping us go meet with investigators so I came up with a huge plan that I call my Project "Jump In" to Missionary Work.  It is an activity for the members that I hope will get them excited. Im going to run it by the other missionaries serving in our ward and the bishop and hopefully we can do it.  My family GET INVOLVED IN THE WORK!! Members are HUGE to the progress of investigators.  Help the missionaries out by offering to go with them.  They would love that.  As much as we love getting feed getting referrals and member present in lessons is the best. So GET INVOLVED and JUMP IN!!

Today has been kind of a rough morning but I am trying to be postive.  One thing that cheered me up is on the way here to the library I saw a punch of really old asians doing some dance and and then all of a sunday BAM out come some swords! It was hilarious.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had 5 investigators at Sacrament meeting it was awesome!  I hope this next week goes well too.


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