Sunday, September 15, 2013

Look for the miracles

Dear family,
I think this has been the longest week of my mission so far.  Mostly because this week has been a lot of walking, more than i've ever done before haha. Luckily I have good shoes so my blisters arent so bad ha.
Well family can you believe that it's been two months tomorrow! Time is amazing.  It has gone by so fast, it gives me hope for the future ha. 
Anyways I got my new companion! And let me tell you.. God has a sense of humor because guess where she is from TAHITI!! So I got rid of one and got another haha. No I love her SOOO much. Her name is Sister Burgess and she is 20.  She is an amazing missionary and I've already learned so much from her! I think Heavenly Father is telling me I need to either learn french or move to tahiti ha. She was only in the MTC for 2 weeks before they sent her here so her english she isn't very confident in but believe me she has the gift of tongues because she talks well for only two weeks!  I love her so much and am very grateful for her.  As I said this was a hard week but she is a trooper! 
The first day she was here I made us breakfast consisting of blueberry muffins and grapes haha.  And most of our investigators have either cancelled our appointments with them or dropped us so we have mostly gone to visit less actives.  And that is a whole experience on its own.  All of them so far either don't answer the door, have moved, or are flat out super anti-mormon.  The Book of Mormon is so right about people who know the truth but then turn from it.  It is so sad to me because this gospel blesses lives and theya re missiong out.  Also most of our backup lessons cancel on us to so we have to scrample to know what to do.  Sister Burgess has been great though.  She gives me great advice and I hope I help her too.  Our new motto is to teach "simply, clearly, and quickly" we have big hopes for this area. 
I'm trying my best to look for the miracles.  Sometimes they are SO hard to find.  Yet I know thyey exist.  he always provides a way.  this work is the hardest thing i've ever done. But is also the most rewarding. You really learn to laugh ha.  I've learned so much about myslef.
Yesterday we had a first lesson with this crazy woman from Scotland.  And she basically told us our beliefs aren't credible because of how young we are. She also said some other things I did not agree with but I won't get into that haha.  Anyways I told her that yes I may be young in years and experience but I KNOW what I belive to be true.  We just bore testimony and asked for referrals.  She just wants to learn to learn and not to learn and change. I don't know if we will go back or not and teach again, it will require prayer.
I also learned a new life lesson, miracles come for those who wait.  Patience is key!  Sometiems we get so eager and we want blessing NOW but that isn't how God works.  He send them in his own time and in his own way.  Even Joseph Smith didn't receive his answer right away.  He had to wait and study and ponder and pray.  He had to exercise patience before he recieved his answer.  Study, ponder, pray, repeat.  People tend to get angry or lose faith when they don't recieve answers or miracles when they want it but yet I guess that shows a lack of faith doesn't it.  So anyways I am trying to be patient, this was a very hard week but I know that miracles will come in Gods own time. for this is his work.  Faith is hard but it is all I have.
Sorry this is such a spiritual message this week. It has been rough to see the miracles.  Luckily we have been staying positive though.  I love you all and miss you always! Hope you are doing well!
Sister Boiteux


New companion! :)

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