Sunday, October 27, 2013

Call Home...

Hello everyone!
So I am not quite sure what to say this week because I haven't had a time to write down what I want to say ha.  This week was really hard but it was good. We had some lessons, we walked, we talked, we ate, we survived. YES! Ha in all honesty this past week was all a blur, I don't remember anything that happened past Friday.  Um... we have 3 elders in our area we are working with now so that is exciting. They are really good elders. So in our small ward we now have 9 missionaries. It is really exciting! God has big things in store for this area! Well sorry this is so short I don't really know what to say but I just want to say hi and that I love you all. Have a great week!
Sister Boiteux

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mind of a Jaguar... RAWWWRR

This has been a very interesting week. Transfers were upon us but Sister Burgess and I are staying here together, it is bittersweet.  It would have been coool to see a new place but it would have been hard to leave here.  So anyways we are excited to stay and continue the work in the area.  I think our ward now has more missionaries than members haha we just got 3 elders who will serve with us which is exciting.
Yesterday was a great day. ALL of our appointments cancelled on us so we decided we would go visit one of our new investigators instead. We didn't really want to because it was SO hot and we didn't want to walk. There have been a lot of bush fires so the air is so smokey and hard to breath and it makes it even hotter here than usual, it is awful ha. But as missionaries you still just get to work, so we did. We went to visit her and it was an awesome lesson. She asked if she could be baptized! Of course we said yes and set a date but there are many things she needs to change first before that can happen. I know if she works hard the Lord will help her.
Anyways she is a very interesting aldy. She looked at my comps hands and said "sister burgess you are hurt" so she started massaging her hands (she had a cut on her hands but she has weak hands in general taht tire easily). Then she looked at me adn siad "sister boiteux you're hurting too" I laughed and said "yeah" because I thought she was talking about the many bruises on my legs from bumping into things ha.  But then she said "no it sin't on the outside its on the inside, in your mind" I kind of froze. It was a strange moment. I am pretty good at hiding my anxiety so I dont know how she knew. But it was funny becauxse she then asked if she could massage my head. and I didnt know what to say so i was like "uim yeah sure" so she did and she told me to close my eyes and relax. Then she massaged my temples and my head and kept saying "get out, get out, get out" to my thoughts aha and she told me to breathe deeply in and out in and out and then she told me to stand up and I proceeded to try and do so but she pushed me back down and siad "not physically but spiritually" i was trying ahrd not to laugh, it was veryyyy interesting but hey I got a free massage and it felt good ha.  She said God had told her to do those things that is how she knew and that she just knows things... interesting but okay ha. Afterwards she sadi something along the lines of "you have a stubborn mind, a mind or an eye of the jaguar" COOL HAHAH! Im a jaguar ha.  But in all reality it was a really good spiritual lesson we had with her, for all three of us.
Also sister burgess and I are starting to do a new tradition of one cute and one funny face picture a day. I like it. Also we need to sear off chocolate ha. We are getting FAT! A member got me a 56 ounce bag of Reeses from Costco for us to share. I almost started to cry! I was so happy! 56 OUNCES ahhhh!! The next day we made some of my peanut butter temptation cookes and also fundge and choco. covered strawberries. We shared it with the other missionaries in our district before transfers.
Okay spiritually now. Other miracles occurred this week. Remeber everyone that Heavenly Father loves us no matter what we look like or what we may have done in the past. He looks at who we ARE and who we will become! Life is NOT easy and it is not meant to be. My favorite talk from conference was Elder Hollands. Two things he said that I love are
"If the bitter cup does not pass drink it, and be strong. Trusting in happier days ahead."
"Know that one day the dawn will break brightly and that all shadows of mortality will flee."
Man that is powerful stuff right there. Be strong. Start Strong Finish stronger. Sometimes God has a plan prepared for us we may not understand but we need to trust him enough to follow it.  People may laugh and scorn us but as long as we know we are following the will of our Father nothing else matters. I HAVE to believe in that.
I want you all to know how much I love you. I want you to also know how grateful I am for my mission. It has helped me know who I am and who I want to become. I am very grateful.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Boiteux

annoying bird..

Slumber Party!! :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shall I falter or shall I finish

This has been a great week!! Mostly because I got to watch general conference and got to go to the temple today.  It was so embarrassing I started crying when I stopped and saw a giant picture of christ in the hall at the temple and this little old man walked up to and was trying to comfort me but had to keep his distance haha.  It was cute, and I felt dumb ha.  Gotta count on me to bring the tears.  You know I got some letters from the Ortons in the mail... just replied to you today BTW. And it was great Aunt Serena you told me just what I needed to hear. And so did God today at the temple. As I sat in the celestial room I thought about why I am here and if I should go home and I just thought about Alma how when he was doing his missionary work he was cast out of the city but God told him to go back.. so he SPEEDILY did.  He probably wanted to go home, and maybe not preach to the people there. But he did... why? Because God told him to, and guess what he found Amulek.  So that is what I will do. I will stay here until God tells me otherwise.  Everyday I say my motto "have more faith today than yesterday" I tell my father in heaven I am in his hands. When I do that miracles follow.  Miracles occur every day here.  I don't know when or if my anxiety will crash down on me again, harder than last time, but I have faith that God, and you, will carry me through again.  President Uchtdorf said something proufound he said "Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith". President Monson posed the question "will we falter or will we finish" well I will finish what I am called to do.  That I am certain of. I have faith taht my mission president is inspired of God and wherever or whomever I am called to serve with or at next week is where I am supposed to go.  I am afraid for transfer but I have faith I will be okay.  That is a first step.
Australia... I don't even know how to describe this place.  I can't wait to see more of it.. Heck I want to see a kangaroo!!! Well we saw many miracles this week. We were deciding wether or not on sunday to go watch the general relief society meeting or go do what we planned.  Since I downloaded the talks on my USB and we already listened to them we decided to focus on our work and go back to our area and do what we planned. Talk about inspired planning! We are in need of new investigators so we decided to call all the potentials we could and we got an appointment with one man.  He is from South Africa and is awesome.  He is a HUGE soccer fan and was telling us about all these famous players he knows.  It was kind of hard to understand his heavy accent but we tried our best ha. Well end of the story is be asked if he could come to church on Sunday. He asked! It was awesome! So yes we will see him on sunday.  Other than that this was a very hard week! None of our investigators are progressing and they are what you call "eternigators" meaning they have been investigators for eternity. It is so frustrating sometimes, but oh well.  Well I don't really know what to say.  My cheeks are sunburned from the sun.... it is hot hot HOT here.  But don't worry mom I have sunscreen and I walk around like a nerd with an umbrella haha.  And we drink lots of water.  I have for sure learned about patience.  My comp always tells me to SLOW DOWN when I walk because I always rush way ahead of her and then have to stop and wait. We are usually good at walking side by side but sometimes I get impatient.  So yeah.... I can't really think of any funnies.  We just laugh at the stupidest things.  Im usually pretty serious out here, like usual I guess. I need to learn a sense of humor and not be so serious, that is half my problem.  But yeah all us missionaries always say "as missionaries we ahve a right to be awkward" because it is true there isn't more awkward work than missionary work.
Hm... I am recording all my adventures and feelings. Im almost done with my first journal. It depresses me a bit actually because I ahve written in it in three months and I only have one more left that matches it and then I will have to go and find a new one that wont be as great ha.  Umm... I dont really know what to say. If I get transferred I hope I go to the country or the coast or somewhere pretty. Im for sure not a city gal. 
I love the scriptures. Yeah. I love them! I love learning new things. It stresses me out that I don't have more time to study study study. I love to study! Yes I am a nerd.

I love you all!
Sister Boiteux

Monday, October 7, 2013

I am Esther

So this week has been very hard but it has been a week of miracles.  I finally called someone for help, the traveling sisters.  They came and on Saturday we had "time out for sisters" we just talked and it was really good. They shared the story of queen Esther with us and how Esther was willing to sacrifice everything, even her own life to save the life of her people.  She was forordained to be queen at that time.   And just like I am forordained to be here in Australia at this time. Sometimes it is hard to remember that.  They gave me good adivce to deal with my anxiety.  I had a nice cry and then we got to work.  So many miracles come when you are willing to humble yourself and ask for help.  Sometimes as missionaries, and as people in general, we are afraid to ask for help but I realize that this isn't weakness but spiritual strength.  Do all you can and then if that isn't good enough ask for help.  
Afterwards all our appointments cancelled on us and we decided to go visit some members as we were walking (or in my companions case limping) down the street I was telling my companion maybe we should call Sister Lew or go to the doctors for her. Her foot has been hurting her.  Well she was refusing but as we walked down the street we heard "SISTERS" we whipped around and it was our bishops wife running up to us asking why my comp was limping.  She took us to their home and helped sister Burgess and we were able to leave a nice message with their home.  
The work in this area is very hard but we are trying our best. Many of our investigators are not progressing and it is frustrating, but I know that if we just keep praying God will open doors.  
I love reading the scriptures and finding the peace that its words contain.  The Book of Mormon IS the word of God. I know that God will help make me strong.  There is a quote that i really love from Joseph Smith that says something along the lines of a religion that doesn't require sacrifice of all things never has the power to bring a soul unto salvation.  
This is so true.  I realize that as we sacrifice our time and efforts and give all our might, mind, and strength to the lord he will bless us.  
So yes, many miracles.
Also we had our first somoan feed which was awesome! I had the best chop suey ever!!! It was delicious!! Made me think of Madison hahah (you know why) :)

So now for some business.  So next Tuesday will be our P-Day because we are going to the Temple YAYYY!!! So I don't think I will get on till about 1 next Tuesday and then the week after that my p-day will also be on tuesday due to transfers.  So if you want to right me any letters maybe send it to the mission office po box because i don't know if I will be staying here in the oatlands area.  Also they might move us into a new flat.. let us pray.  
Well I love you all! Oh yeah yesterday we were confined to the flat due to my comps foot, and it was nice for me too because I have a cold again, so we just relaxed.  She taught me french.  I want to learn Our Purpose in french! It was fun.

Well I love you all!!!
Sister Ashley Boiteux

Sister Burgess: "Sister Boiteux what do you call the fingers on your feet?"
Me: burst out laughing "your toes!"  
oh the joys of helping others to learn English.  My comp is amazing she learns so fast!  

I will try to be better at getting funnies that our funny ha.  As missionaries you either laugh or cry at everything so we find the dumbest things funny ha.  Well love you!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reap and Sow

Hello Friends, Family, and all those who care to read this.
This week was probably the best of my mission so far.  Mainly because we finally reached the Standard of Excellence set for us of 20 lessons per week and 1 baptism per month. The baptism went really really well! it was a great experience. I was so proud of myself.. why you ask? Because I held back the tears haha. I always cry here, im like a leaky faucet haha.  Anyways this week has FLOWN by! I hope the rest of the weeks fly by just as fast.  We had our traveling sisters here (they are like zone leaders for just sisters) and it was AMAZING! One of them, Sister Nunez from the Phillipines, gave me the best advice.  I really opened up to here about my anxiety and everything I've been feeling and she shared with me a great experience where she almost went home but she read Doctrine and Covenants and felt better.  She was my angel for the week.  Sometimes it is hard out here because your never alone but you feel lonely.  You think as missionaries you'd always feel the spirit but with my experience it isn't so.  you are literally walking into situations and places where the spirit does not exist.  And as missionaries it is our obligations to try and make ti a place were the spirit can come.  It is work to find how to invite the spirit.  that is why I LOVE going to members homes.  The second you walk in their doors you feel the spirit.  The home is truly like a temple.  The spirit can abide there if you make it a temple.  So yeah I have been working on trying to recognize the spirit. My companion and I are starting to work better together. We teach in unity but we are still working on planning in unity. it was ridiculous when the traveling sisters were here our daily planning took us an hour and a half AHHH (It usually should only take 30 minutes)  so yeah... but the work is progressing!

\On Friday we had a service project with the other 4 sisters we work with.  it was awesome.  We went to a palce called Kamballa Womens Factory which use to be like a concentration camp for women kind of, really bad things happened there.  So what our project was is this woman who was actually in the orphanage there is making something called the Memory Project where she is trying to get people aware of what took place and to remembver those that died.  We helped with the tea and lunch.  It was a fun expereince, kind of creepy but cool ha.  We also got to check out the insane asylum that use to be apart of it and is now still the psych ward. 
And then on Saturday was our baptism.  It was a great occasion.  so many members came to support him which was awesome!
But yeah the baptism was great.  It is amazing how the spirit touches the hearts of people.  This work is starting to move slowly but surely.  It is exciting. Also my companion and I are deciding to get healthy so today we are going grocery shopping and getting lots of veggies and fruit. We decided we can't eat any treats or chocolate except on Mondays.  It will be difficult but I know we can do it haha. I don't want to get any more pudgy than I already am haaha.
Today I think we are just going to try and relax and then we have a FHE lesson with a part-member family so hopefully that goes well.
Well I love you all and am very very grateful for the emails and support.  Mom and grandpa george I continue to get your letters and they make me very very happy!  I love you all so so so so much!
Have a great week
love always,
sister boiteux