Monday, October 7, 2013

I am Esther

So this week has been very hard but it has been a week of miracles.  I finally called someone for help, the traveling sisters.  They came and on Saturday we had "time out for sisters" we just talked and it was really good. They shared the story of queen Esther with us and how Esther was willing to sacrifice everything, even her own life to save the life of her people.  She was forordained to be queen at that time.   And just like I am forordained to be here in Australia at this time. Sometimes it is hard to remember that.  They gave me good adivce to deal with my anxiety.  I had a nice cry and then we got to work.  So many miracles come when you are willing to humble yourself and ask for help.  Sometimes as missionaries, and as people in general, we are afraid to ask for help but I realize that this isn't weakness but spiritual strength.  Do all you can and then if that isn't good enough ask for help.  
Afterwards all our appointments cancelled on us and we decided to go visit some members as we were walking (or in my companions case limping) down the street I was telling my companion maybe we should call Sister Lew or go to the doctors for her. Her foot has been hurting her.  Well she was refusing but as we walked down the street we heard "SISTERS" we whipped around and it was our bishops wife running up to us asking why my comp was limping.  She took us to their home and helped sister Burgess and we were able to leave a nice message with their home.  
The work in this area is very hard but we are trying our best. Many of our investigators are not progressing and it is frustrating, but I know that if we just keep praying God will open doors.  
I love reading the scriptures and finding the peace that its words contain.  The Book of Mormon IS the word of God. I know that God will help make me strong.  There is a quote that i really love from Joseph Smith that says something along the lines of a religion that doesn't require sacrifice of all things never has the power to bring a soul unto salvation.  
This is so true.  I realize that as we sacrifice our time and efforts and give all our might, mind, and strength to the lord he will bless us.  
So yes, many miracles.
Also we had our first somoan feed which was awesome! I had the best chop suey ever!!! It was delicious!! Made me think of Madison hahah (you know why) :)

So now for some business.  So next Tuesday will be our P-Day because we are going to the Temple YAYYY!!! So I don't think I will get on till about 1 next Tuesday and then the week after that my p-day will also be on tuesday due to transfers.  So if you want to right me any letters maybe send it to the mission office po box because i don't know if I will be staying here in the oatlands area.  Also they might move us into a new flat.. let us pray.  
Well I love you all! Oh yeah yesterday we were confined to the flat due to my comps foot, and it was nice for me too because I have a cold again, so we just relaxed.  She taught me french.  I want to learn Our Purpose in french! It was fun.

Well I love you all!!!
Sister Ashley Boiteux

Sister Burgess: "Sister Boiteux what do you call the fingers on your feet?"
Me: burst out laughing "your toes!"  
oh the joys of helping others to learn English.  My comp is amazing she learns so fast!  

I will try to be better at getting funnies that our funny ha.  As missionaries you either laugh or cry at everything so we find the dumbest things funny ha.  Well love you!

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