Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mind of a Jaguar... RAWWWRR

This has been a very interesting week. Transfers were upon us but Sister Burgess and I are staying here together, it is bittersweet.  It would have been coool to see a new place but it would have been hard to leave here.  So anyways we are excited to stay and continue the work in the area.  I think our ward now has more missionaries than members haha we just got 3 elders who will serve with us which is exciting.
Yesterday was a great day. ALL of our appointments cancelled on us so we decided we would go visit one of our new investigators instead. We didn't really want to because it was SO hot and we didn't want to walk. There have been a lot of bush fires so the air is so smokey and hard to breath and it makes it even hotter here than usual, it is awful ha. But as missionaries you still just get to work, so we did. We went to visit her and it was an awesome lesson. She asked if she could be baptized! Of course we said yes and set a date but there are many things she needs to change first before that can happen. I know if she works hard the Lord will help her.
Anyways she is a very interesting aldy. She looked at my comps hands and said "sister burgess you are hurt" so she started massaging her hands (she had a cut on her hands but she has weak hands in general taht tire easily). Then she looked at me adn siad "sister boiteux you're hurting too" I laughed and said "yeah" because I thought she was talking about the many bruises on my legs from bumping into things ha.  But then she said "no it sin't on the outside its on the inside, in your mind" I kind of froze. It was a strange moment. I am pretty good at hiding my anxiety so I dont know how she knew. But it was funny becauxse she then asked if she could massage my head. and I didnt know what to say so i was like "uim yeah sure" so she did and she told me to close my eyes and relax. Then she massaged my temples and my head and kept saying "get out, get out, get out" to my thoughts aha and she told me to breathe deeply in and out in and out and then she told me to stand up and I proceeded to try and do so but she pushed me back down and siad "not physically but spiritually" i was trying ahrd not to laugh, it was veryyyy interesting but hey I got a free massage and it felt good ha.  She said God had told her to do those things that is how she knew and that she just knows things... interesting but okay ha. Afterwards she sadi something along the lines of "you have a stubborn mind, a mind or an eye of the jaguar" COOL HAHAH! Im a jaguar ha.  But in all reality it was a really good spiritual lesson we had with her, for all three of us.
Also sister burgess and I are starting to do a new tradition of one cute and one funny face picture a day. I like it. Also we need to sear off chocolate ha. We are getting FAT! A member got me a 56 ounce bag of Reeses from Costco for us to share. I almost started to cry! I was so happy! 56 OUNCES ahhhh!! The next day we made some of my peanut butter temptation cookes and also fundge and choco. covered strawberries. We shared it with the other missionaries in our district before transfers.
Okay spiritually now. Other miracles occurred this week. Remeber everyone that Heavenly Father loves us no matter what we look like or what we may have done in the past. He looks at who we ARE and who we will become! Life is NOT easy and it is not meant to be. My favorite talk from conference was Elder Hollands. Two things he said that I love are
"If the bitter cup does not pass drink it, and be strong. Trusting in happier days ahead."
"Know that one day the dawn will break brightly and that all shadows of mortality will flee."
Man that is powerful stuff right there. Be strong. Start Strong Finish stronger. Sometimes God has a plan prepared for us we may not understand but we need to trust him enough to follow it.  People may laugh and scorn us but as long as we know we are following the will of our Father nothing else matters. I HAVE to believe in that.
I want you all to know how much I love you. I want you to also know how grateful I am for my mission. It has helped me know who I am and who I want to become. I am very grateful.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Boiteux

annoying bird..

Slumber Party!! :)

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