Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reap and Sow

Hello Friends, Family, and all those who care to read this.
This week was probably the best of my mission so far.  Mainly because we finally reached the Standard of Excellence set for us of 20 lessons per week and 1 baptism per month. The baptism went really really well! it was a great experience. I was so proud of myself.. why you ask? Because I held back the tears haha. I always cry here, im like a leaky faucet haha.  Anyways this week has FLOWN by! I hope the rest of the weeks fly by just as fast.  We had our traveling sisters here (they are like zone leaders for just sisters) and it was AMAZING! One of them, Sister Nunez from the Phillipines, gave me the best advice.  I really opened up to here about my anxiety and everything I've been feeling and she shared with me a great experience where she almost went home but she read Doctrine and Covenants and felt better.  She was my angel for the week.  Sometimes it is hard out here because your never alone but you feel lonely.  You think as missionaries you'd always feel the spirit but with my experience it isn't so.  you are literally walking into situations and places where the spirit does not exist.  And as missionaries it is our obligations to try and make ti a place were the spirit can come.  It is work to find how to invite the spirit.  that is why I LOVE going to members homes.  The second you walk in their doors you feel the spirit.  The home is truly like a temple.  The spirit can abide there if you make it a temple.  So yeah I have been working on trying to recognize the spirit. My companion and I are starting to work better together. We teach in unity but we are still working on planning in unity. it was ridiculous when the traveling sisters were here our daily planning took us an hour and a half AHHH (It usually should only take 30 minutes)  so yeah... but the work is progressing!

\On Friday we had a service project with the other 4 sisters we work with.  it was awesome.  We went to a palce called Kamballa Womens Factory which use to be like a concentration camp for women kind of, really bad things happened there.  So what our project was is this woman who was actually in the orphanage there is making something called the Memory Project where she is trying to get people aware of what took place and to remembver those that died.  We helped with the tea and lunch.  It was a fun expereince, kind of creepy but cool ha.  We also got to check out the insane asylum that use to be apart of it and is now still the psych ward. 
And then on Saturday was our baptism.  It was a great occasion.  so many members came to support him which was awesome!
But yeah the baptism was great.  It is amazing how the spirit touches the hearts of people.  This work is starting to move slowly but surely.  It is exciting. Also my companion and I are deciding to get healthy so today we are going grocery shopping and getting lots of veggies and fruit. We decided we can't eat any treats or chocolate except on Mondays.  It will be difficult but I know we can do it haha. I don't want to get any more pudgy than I already am haaha.
Today I think we are just going to try and relax and then we have a FHE lesson with a part-member family so hopefully that goes well.
Well I love you all and am very very grateful for the emails and support.  Mom and grandpa george I continue to get your letters and they make me very very happy!  I love you all so so so so much!
Have a great week
love always,
sister boiteux

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