Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shall I falter or shall I finish

This has been a great week!! Mostly because I got to watch general conference and got to go to the temple today.  It was so embarrassing I started crying when I stopped and saw a giant picture of christ in the hall at the temple and this little old man walked up to and was trying to comfort me but had to keep his distance haha.  It was cute, and I felt dumb ha.  Gotta count on me to bring the tears.  You know I got some letters from the Ortons in the mail... just replied to you today BTW. And it was great Aunt Serena you told me just what I needed to hear. And so did God today at the temple. As I sat in the celestial room I thought about why I am here and if I should go home and I just thought about Alma how when he was doing his missionary work he was cast out of the city but God told him to go back.. so he SPEEDILY did.  He probably wanted to go home, and maybe not preach to the people there. But he did... why? Because God told him to, and guess what he found Amulek.  So that is what I will do. I will stay here until God tells me otherwise.  Everyday I say my motto "have more faith today than yesterday" I tell my father in heaven I am in his hands. When I do that miracles follow.  Miracles occur every day here.  I don't know when or if my anxiety will crash down on me again, harder than last time, but I have faith that God, and you, will carry me through again.  President Uchtdorf said something proufound he said "Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith". President Monson posed the question "will we falter or will we finish" well I will finish what I am called to do.  That I am certain of. I have faith taht my mission president is inspired of God and wherever or whomever I am called to serve with or at next week is where I am supposed to go.  I am afraid for transfer but I have faith I will be okay.  That is a first step.
Australia... I don't even know how to describe this place.  I can't wait to see more of it.. Heck I want to see a kangaroo!!! Well we saw many miracles this week. We were deciding wether or not on sunday to go watch the general relief society meeting or go do what we planned.  Since I downloaded the talks on my USB and we already listened to them we decided to focus on our work and go back to our area and do what we planned. Talk about inspired planning! We are in need of new investigators so we decided to call all the potentials we could and we got an appointment with one man.  He is from South Africa and is awesome.  He is a HUGE soccer fan and was telling us about all these famous players he knows.  It was kind of hard to understand his heavy accent but we tried our best ha. Well end of the story is be asked if he could come to church on Sunday. He asked! It was awesome! So yes we will see him on sunday.  Other than that this was a very hard week! None of our investigators are progressing and they are what you call "eternigators" meaning they have been investigators for eternity. It is so frustrating sometimes, but oh well.  Well I don't really know what to say.  My cheeks are sunburned from the sun.... it is hot hot HOT here.  But don't worry mom I have sunscreen and I walk around like a nerd with an umbrella haha.  And we drink lots of water.  I have for sure learned about patience.  My comp always tells me to SLOW DOWN when I walk because I always rush way ahead of her and then have to stop and wait. We are usually good at walking side by side but sometimes I get impatient.  So yeah.... I can't really think of any funnies.  We just laugh at the stupidest things.  Im usually pretty serious out here, like usual I guess. I need to learn a sense of humor and not be so serious, that is half my problem.  But yeah all us missionaries always say "as missionaries we ahve a right to be awkward" because it is true there isn't more awkward work than missionary work.
Hm... I am recording all my adventures and feelings. Im almost done with my first journal. It depresses me a bit actually because I ahve written in it in three months and I only have one more left that matches it and then I will have to go and find a new one that wont be as great ha.  Umm... I dont really know what to say. If I get transferred I hope I go to the country or the coast or somewhere pretty. Im for sure not a city gal. 
I love the scriptures. Yeah. I love them! I love learning new things. It stresses me out that I don't have more time to study study study. I love to study! Yes I am a nerd.

I love you all!
Sister Boiteux

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