Sunday, November 17, 2013

one...two...three..FOUR.. (VROOM..VROOM)

Dear Family,
I love you more than a missionary loves general conference, deep doctrine talk, and 10:30 pm (which means I love you a lot!) I hope you are all doing AMAZING! This week has been pretty interesting.
It has been bipolar weather it is rain, rain, RAINY! I love it!!! Last monday we had p-day with 3 zones so it was packed! The zone leaders planned it so you can assume what we did, yup sports. Original for elders. Not gonna lie it was a bit lame but whatever ha. We ate costco pizza and chatted it up which is all that matters I guess. There are SO many new missionaries, especially sisters! One sister from Vermont and we are actually Facebook friends due to the sister missionary page on facebook. When we saw each other we were both like "wait..." it was funny! She went to BYU so she knows tiffany and a bunch of my friends from high school which is cool. It is for sure a small world we live in!
Tuesday was zone conference. Yeah lets talk about an eventful day hahaha! We rode the train with the two elders we work with. On the way to Mortdale our train didn't stop so we went to far into a different area and had to switch back.  Luckily we had left REALLY early so we still made ti on time. Zone conference was fantastic.! We learned the mission just got 26 new cars and guess who is getting one?! yes that is right, moi! I feel very blessed, really. I guess our zone leaders are sick of driving us two sisters around ha. They talked the APs into giving us one so hopefully I should get that right before transfers (which is in 2 weeks). I can't believe how fast this transfer has flown by it is crazy!
Anyways after zone conference we again  rode the trains home. We learned we'd have to swith trains twice and we didn't want to so we thought we'd go to a different stop were we would only have to swith once. well we got on the train and 20 or 30 minutes into the journey I was sitting on the top looking out the window and saw apart of the bay. I thought "um we should not be seeing water" so we looked at the map and realized we had traversed into enemy territory, aka the north mission! i'm sure our faces were priceless.  The elders said we should call president and so they pulled out their phone to call but got to scared to actually do it so I did. Babies ha just kidding. Anyways president just cracked up and jokingly told us to close our eyes and be careful. We were all wishing we could have traveled a little farther so we could have seen sydney city, but no we were obedient. It was bittersweet but exact obedience brings miracles and we need all the miracles we can take :)
When we finally got back to our area we got pizza for dinner. It only took us 3 hours to get home...
Wednesday was a long day of work but it was good. We saw our 14 yr old investigator and taught about the 10 commandments. It was a really fun lesson. We tried to be creative. We taught the SNICKER BAR analogy and then when we asked if he wanted a snickers bar we tied it into obedience and how we can't receive the blessings of the commandments (the candy bar) until we obey them.  When he committed to obey we gave him his reward. It was fun and he enjoyed it.  Also we saw our investigator Raymond afterwards. His wife is from Vietnam and she made us and the member we were with authentic vietnamese food for dinner. It was so good! Blake you would have LOVED it! I thought of you with every bit muhahaha. Well anyways it was funny we had planned to teach the word of wisdom to him. Right before dinner his wife gave us a drink and we all took a sip well come to find out it was green tea. When we realized it was green tea we kindly said "sorry we can't drink this and we will tell you why during the lesson haha" it was a bit awkward but they undertstood.  It was a really good lesson.
Thursday was our weekly planning day-always fun, said no one...ever. Then we had a lesson with an investigator who hasn't been progressing in ages. She ended up dropping us and us her. It was a mutual dropping. We had called the night before to see if we could come see her and her daughter and she said yes with a smiley face so we were expecting a great lesson we had planned well we showed up and she gave us a gift and then left and didn't listen to the lesson. She has done this to us for a month now.  Sister Burgess and I stayed to help her daughter learn french for a bit and she told us her mom and her are just not interested.  It is sad but we can't force them. Hopefully someday they will have a desire and get their priorities straightened out. We just bore strong testimony and told them we loved them. Hopefully someday they will take the chance to nourish the seeds they have planted in their hearts.
Friday was another busy day. We walked. A lot. But we did see a miracle. All our appointments canceled on us so as we were walking down the street sad my body just stopped and spun around and I went up to the home of a less active family I'vve meet only once for maybe 5 minutes. I knocked on the door. I don't know why except htat I did and my companion followed. We saw this woman who has been less active for a long time. This was my first visit with her. She wouldn't let us in because of her dog but we did have a good lesson with her on her doorstep. She started to cry as she told us the struggles her and her family are facing. We bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation and Gods love for all of his children. It was a great lesson to me that this truly is Gods work. Everything happens for a reason! I hope in someway we helped that woman feel love again.
Saturday was a busy day too. Saw mostly members which was good for us to do. We had a lesson with Melvin then went to half of stake conference. It was really good. But we had to elave early for curfew. Becci came to melvins with us and then took us to dinner and took us to and from stake conference. I seriously love her. She has an amazing conversion story. She is the female version of Alma the younger. I love hearing her stories!
Then yesterday we went to the last session of stake conference. It was really good. Melvin had his baptismal interview afterewards. He is so stoked! But yesterday my anxiety was going NUTS and so luckily when I got home I took a power nap and I felt much better. Funny I never took naps before my mission, now all I want to do is sleep. When i woke up I felt much better. We ate lunch then went out in the pouring rain to visit less actives. Thank goodness for umbrellas!
So yeah that was my week. I hope thtat your week was good too!
You know missions are NOT easy! Not one wit~ I cray all the time, every night, in the shower. But as hard as it is i'd do it all over again. Yesterday was my four month mark. In my personal study yesterday I studied in Mosiah. I read the account of Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah being converted tot the lord. And Mosiah 27:25-26 really touched me. WE must be "born again". For me this is a daily process. As it should be for all of us after baptism.  Every day I am reconverted to the Lord. And every sunday I make the commitment that I am willing to follow HIm. I can't believe how much i've changed in the past 4 months. And I can't wait to see who I am at the end of all of this. This gospel can change us. It molds us. We are the potters clay being spun into the masters work. He knows what we will become if we yield to him and let him guide us.
I have a divine testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Not beacause I saw an angel, not because I saw a vision or heard a voice but because I feel peace from its words. I can read it when I feel depressed, anxious and lonely and afterewards, if I truly feasted on the good word, I feel "reborn". Faith is for sure a hard principle especially when you are like me and like facts. But in this there can be no doubt. This gospel is true! Edler Holland said "Honestly acknowledge your questions and concerns, but first and forever fan the falme of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe"
And so my family if you start to douby, are doubting, or whatever circumstance you may be in FAN YOUR FLAME! Even a little spark has the potential to burn brightly!
I love you, I miss you, I pray for you!
Sister Ashley Marchel Boiteux

Vietnamese Dinner

Costco Pizza

Huntsman Spider

Ashleys dream Kitty

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