Sunday, November 3, 2013

Perfection in Imperfection

Dear everyone,
I wish I could just tell you our show you everything I know, feel, and do. Emailing just doesn't cut it for me but oh well beggars cant be choosers. Right now I am sitting at my computer sitting next to a crazy man, I kid you not. It is entertaining yet extremally annoying. Oh well I must learn some charity for him.  ha. Well anyways this weas a really good week pretty much. Things are really starting to pick up! In the next month our small ward of maybe 80 active members will receive 3 new sheep to the fold. One of them being our investigator Melvin! He is AWESOME! We are so excited for his baptism. When we meet with him and set his date that was a miracle itself! But that miracle was apart of an even bigger miracle... but i'll discuss that later. Ill try to review part of this week.
Tuesday and Wednesday: We had trade offs with our traveling sisters whish is always a great experience. Tuesday night we went to a members and had amily home evening and dinner with them. I ate so much that I was looked like I was having a food baby. Everyone laughed at me as my gut was protruding from my skirt that I ahd to unbotton hahah. I am gaining weight... it is no bueno.  Anywaysd Is was so fun. The members house who we went to reminds me a lot of you Aunt Serena sometimes. She'd fit right in with the crazy Marchel sister clan hahah.  So yeah that was fun. We did the FHE in her daughter Kikis cubby house (fort).  They also gave each of us a box of lollies for Halloween! I almost cried by the gesture! I miss American halloweens!
On Wednesday I worked with Sis. Nunez and it was fun. She is such a great example to me. At 7 every Wed night the other sisters we work with teach an english calss so sister nunez and I went to help.  It was so intimidating but was actually a lot of fun.  I think I need to go to english class myslef, I was having difficulities teaching it hahah. Luckily some of the "students" are more advanced than the others so they come to basically just act as translaters for us.  Man it is rough to teach english if you don't speak persian, turkish, or chinese here ha. Before our traveling sistes left they gave us a cute present that will help us to become better missionaries. I really appreciated that.
Thursday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This day we didn't celebrate at all it was just normal work for us.  We had weekly planning and usually I detest planning but for once it went really really good. I was so happy usually it is so frustrating but this time it wasn;t. Later we had a meeting at a member of the ward council and the elders we work with came so that we could get the ward more organized and going. It was really good.  Halloween here is nothing like in America it isn't as big. 
Friday: Mom I got your Halloween card i loved it.  It missed Australian halloween but I got it on your halloween.  Good timing. We had zone traing and it was really good. Our dear zone leaders are the best! They stayed up virtually all night to make all of us candy leis for halloween.  It was such a kind gesture.  Afterwards sister burgess and I went to lunch at this delicious cafe and then went back to telopea to work.  That night all 8 of us missionaries in our ward went a another members for dinner but we stayed wayyyy to long. But hey at least the food was good. Next time we will be sure to say we can only stay one hour...
Saturday: Oh Saturday. What a great day this was! One of the hardest mornings I've had since being here though. Sister Burgess and I were just at a standstill and were not getting along. It was so frustrating. It was the most unproductive companion study ever. We were both just crying out of frustration. It was that time of the month for both of us.  Well as we were crying and both praying what to do our phone informed us we had a text.  Our favorite person ever, sister pemberton, was inviting us to dinner later that night. Of course we said yes.  We just decided that this was divine intervention and we just forgot our problems and tried to just relax for 10 minutes before we left the flat to work. and we worked! Once we got to work we were both happy. We saw some young boys we are teaching and we just read the book of mormon with them on the floor outside their flat as we couldn't go home since their grandma and mom wasnt home. It was a good lesson we ahd with them. Afterewards we saw some other investigators and then at 5:30 she picked us up to take us to dinner. We went to this delicious resturaunt that reminded me of Texas Roadhouse. It was yummyy! I felt back at home in America! I got steak with calamari, mashed potatoes, ceasar salad, and a HUGE dessert that sister burgess sister pemberton and I all shared. Man was it good! Is was so nice! Well the miracle started to unfold right here. We told Becci that we didn't have a member to come with us and she offered to come with us to meet M after dinner.  So after dinner we went and it was a great lesson. He had been reading the book of mormon and loved it! He was so excited. We talked about his reading and the gospel of jesus christ. Becci bore strong testimony and taught with us. Well last time we invited him to baptism he had said no but this time sister burgess again invited him and he said yes! It was sooooo coollll! The spirit was so so so strong. We extended a date we will work for and then I asked Becci if she could tell us how she felt when she was baptized. She bore strong testimony as she shared her experience. She cried, and I almost cried. It was great.  The other cool part was last week when we meet m he told us he already had a book of mormon some one had left in his mailbox. Well come to find out it was one that Sister Pea had written her testimony in and signed it from both her and I. Later when I got home the memory came flooding back of her doing that and us wakling to the mailbox and she slide it inside. I had no idea it was for him.  It is funny how things all work out. 
Well as we were driving home after seeing M. Becci told us how it had been inspiration that she had invited us to dinner because it was an answer to her prayers to come with us that night.  She had felt like her testimony or knowledgte wasnt strong enough to help others and look what she had just helped us do.  It was amazing.  We all her just shocked and amazed by the power of God. This work is truly just amazing! Yes it is the hardest and most frustrating thing I have ever had the pleasure of doing but it is also teh most rewarding!
This gospel changes lives.
Sunday: Church was as great as usual. I love church! And after church Well we walked...  A LOT! I seriously thought i was going to die it was hot and we walked so so so far. And it was fast sunday. We were for sure helped by the lord to keep going. Luckily that night some members fed us and our physical body was back to good health ha.
Well now it is monday and I am emailing you. I hope everything is well for all of you. I miss you all so so so much. Even though I may not write back to each of you I hope you know how much your letters and emails mean to mean. That is they mean the world to me! I thnak you from the bottom of my heart.

Well I love you all!!
Love, Sister Boiteux

Zone Conference

Texas Roadhouse



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