Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hi everyone. I am a complete mess right now ha. Everyone in the library is giving me looks like "what is up with this girl?!" I'm trying to stop crying ha but it just isn't possible at the moment haha. I just want you all to know how much I love all of you. Love isn't even a strong enough word. This week has been completely full on! I worked with Sister Bushnell (who is from San Diego) for 3 days before we both got our trainees. I hope that we will work together again in the future! I love her so much. I don't think I've felt so relaxed and laughed so much with someone here on the mission. It made me feel at home because she reminded me in looks to my friend Brooke and in personality and voice she reminded me A LOT of Drew. So drew if you are ever reading this I miss you cus haha. One time she said something to me and I took a step back because her voice sounded SO much like Drews. I was glad I could just be happy with my comp for a few days. We had some crazy adventures in our short time together. It felt like we were together a full transfer ha.
Now I have my new trainee. She is really nice. She is from Nagoya Japan and her name is Sister Keikyu (prounced like letters K and Q). So instead of learning French I am now learning Japanese haha.  Cool!
This past week was hard due to being shotgunned into an new area where the previous missionaries did not take care of it. But we've been trying to work hard! Yesterday we saw HEAPS of miracles. And also our new ward is awesome! Our bishop is the coolest ever! He is a recent convert of 10 years and was made bishop at 28. Him, his wife, and their kids are the cutest. And he loves missionary work! We are going to get so fat! We have a dinner appointment every night! We are working hard on trying to establish relationships and hopefully start getting some referrals. We have a few investigators but not many so we still need to find find find. Also our ward mission leader is also awesome! He is from tonga. And he to has a voice that reminds me of someone. Ray Angilau he sounds exactly like you! Everytime he speaks i'm like "ray? wheres ray?" haha. Makes me feel at home!
Anyways Yesterday was a great day! We went to visit a part member tongan family and the 17 year old daughter who is the member was asleep so we just met with her dad. Her dad is a single dad raising 3 kids on his own. Also he is sick with cancer and just had his second round of chemo. so he was feeling like crap! We talked about the atonement and weren't getting anywhere with him. He just feels like church, all churches, are not good. I guess the lds church in tonga that he knew of did some pretty messed up stuff so he had a bad impression. We talked about what church is for, the learn of Christ and god. By the end I just felt prompted htat we should sing a hymn. So Sister Keikyu and I sang my favourite hymn number 98 I Need Thee Every Hour. As I looked over at this man I saw a lone tear trinkle down his cheek followed by more and more. He was crying silently. His daughter, who at this point is less active, came in and listened as well. The spirit was soooo strong. It was amazing to see the influence and power of music! At the end we invited him to pray and he accepted! This was the first prayer he has ever offered! It was also the first time his daughter and two young sons have ever heard him pray. It was a very short and simple prayer but was very profound. At the end we saw that he was crying and that the kids had some glossy eyes. It was a very powerful testament to me of prayer and song. The spirit is the converting power, not us.
So yeah. Our flat is gross and full of cockroaches. I'm gaining weight. I'm stressed A LOT!  
and yet...
I wont give up. And weirdly I'm happy. I know this gospel is true and that is blesses lives! Im grateful that I could come be here and learn more about myself and gods plan for me.
Well sorry this is short. It was a stressful day so my mind is fried ha! I will try to be more diligent of writing a good email next week! Love you!
Sister Boiteux

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