Saturday, December 7, 2013

Power in the Word

Dear family,
so the news of the week:
I got transferred.
My new area is in a place called Bankstown. It is actually near the mission office which is cool but sadly they just made it so that the mission office is in a different zone now so I cant just go visit which is sad.  But anyways I am very scared to be here in this new area and not only that but I will be training again. I get my new companion tomorrow. I am very scared but I know that my mission president is inspired and that I am here for a reason. In my area there were Elders here before and not to dis elders but man the area book is a mess.... and my flat smells like boy..and cats :/
I was really really sad last night and all my confidence was just shot but then this morning I did my Book of Mormon reading in Alma 20-22 and one particular passage really helped me it was in Alma 21:12-17. It talks about Aaron who is preaching the word and nobody is listening, they are mocking him spitting on him and eventually throw him in prison where he is to say the least tortured. He was in miserable circumstances, and yet, he kept the faith. When he was rescued by his brother Ammon he again went to preach the word, where I think for most of us we would have just said "Alright that's it. I'm done. I'm going home" but no he went and endured and worked hard. And eventually the miracles came. So that is what I will do. I know it will be hard, scary, and at times disappointing but I KNOW that if I just work my hardest and put ALL my TRUST in my Heavenly Father and my Saviour that they will provide a way for me to accomplish their work.  I just can't think about everything that I need to do because it will overwhelm me so I just let God guide. It is a difficult thing to do for me but I have to or I will just fall down again and I can't let that happen, that was a really hard place to be and I don't want to go back to being super depressed.
So yeah.. that is my little spiritual speel for the day.
Anyhow I did get a car! Last Friday night actually so Sister Burgess and I had it together for 2 days before transfers haha. It was so nice! I have a car in my new area to but I left it at the mission office until tomorrow when I will get my trainee. I am currently working with a sister from California who will also be training so we are working together till then.
So last week was a great week. Monday we had "christmas" with Becci and Kiki. They are soooo sweet! She got us VERY nice christmas presents. She got us a diamond heart necklace each and earrings and lots of chocolate.  She is very giving. But more importantly than that she helped us to feel at home. Im glad I could somewhat spend christmas with someone I love since now I am tranferred and know noone.  I will miss her very much. Kiki (her 6 yr old) just started crying when she learnt I was leaving, it broke my heart.
On Saturday was Raymonds baptism. Again, everything was trying to stop him from getting baptised but in the end it was done. It was great to see how happy he was. I will miss his spirit and that of everyone I met. On Sunday we had a big dinner at a members before transfers. Sister Clegg and I were the only ones in our ward getting transferred. It was really fun to have dinner with them, all the sisters, the elders, and an investigator of the sisters.  I will miss my old area a lot.
I hope that I can learn to love this new area, and faster than I learnt to love the last. I am freaking scared.... but I will walk into the darkness with faith that I will find the light eventually.
I love you my family. I pray for you. Stay safe and have fun!
Sister Boiteux

Naughty elders listening to Pitch Perfect in the car...

Christmas gifts from Bec

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