Sunday, February 16, 2014

7 Months!!

Well hello family.
Not much to say this time. That is what happens when I forget to write down what I want to say. I always have so many thoughts going through my head during the day that when I actually have to sit down and cohesively and coherently write them down... well that isn't going to happen ha.
So we are now moving in to the last week of this transfer. I can't believe how fast time is just a crusin' by. I can't believe that today WOW TODAY I have been out 7 months!!!! It is crazy!!!!!! So basically the work is still how it has been. We work with HEAPS AND HEAPS of less actives! It is great though. I tell my companion that getting them back to church, actively, is just like getting a baptism in my eyes because we are helping them to renew that covenant. It is a beautiful process. We are working with one progressing investigator right now. It was so funny, yesterday at church during gospel principles we were all introducing ourselves and he said "Hello I'm Adel and I'm a new member.." umm... not yet muhahaha. We are hoping to set a date with him this week. He is a great old man. It was so funny when we were explaining our rule to him that we can't come into his house without another female present he kept saying "well I'm not going to eat you, I'm not going to eat you. I just want to give you a little cuddle" AHH that is worst than breaking rule number one haha. But in all honesty he is great and always wants to feed us food-not so great. I am being very very careful what I eat here. And Im trying to cut back on my sugar intake as well, that is much easier said than done.
Well Valentines came and went. I stayed up a little late making heart attacks for all the sister that I live with. As I made them I was thinking of you mom and how every valentines you would wake up super early and make us a delicious breakfast and write cute notes. It made me miss you tons. Especially when I woke up in the morning and smelt bacon and realised that it was from our neighbors... sad day when you smell bacon yet have to eat cold cereal haha. But nahh it was a good day.
So yesterday at church we also had a ward fireside about family history and temple work. It was SO POWERFUL!! Everyone was crying-men included. Some people from the temple presidency came and spoke to us and it was really great. However it may have been a good thing our investigators didn't come because it would have created a lot of questions. I wonder how that would have turned out... Well I can't wait to email you next week and tell you what happens with transfers. I love you all heaps and hope you have a great week!
Sister Boiteux

Sports night!

tie-dying for P-day

Taking some young women out

Valentines attack for the other sister missionaries

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