Monday, February 3, 2014

Rock of our Redeemer

Dear Family,
First off just know we are OKAY!!! I say this because lets just say this weekend has been a crazy roller coaster! Yesterday I got in my first car accident. Go figure. Thus the "we are okay". We were on our way to go pick up the elders for church, we were headed straight on a one lane street and this lady didn't see us when she pulled in front of us. I tried to swerve but there was no where to go. Luckily I think the movement helped the impact to be somewhat smaller. She hit the front passenger side near the head light. Luckily the damage was just cosmetic nothing to big but man was it scary, mostly because I have never been yelled at so harshly in my life! She started full on screaming at us in Arabic. That scared me. I calmly told her we should pull over instead of yelling as we continue to drive... dur dur dur...
so we pulled over and then we saw that all the paper work that should have been in our car to tell us what to do in an accident (the accident report) was gone! I started crying hysterically, it didn't help my companion didn't know what to do and I had a lady screaming at me in a foreign language. She was yelling so loud she drew people out of their homes and all these cars were stopping to see if we were okay. Eventually she just drove off. We had no idea where she went (she went to grab a translator which we learned 20 minutes later when she showed up again) we didn't know what to do so I told sister keikyu to call the zone leaders to come help us. They probably couldn't understand a word I said, poor guys. This really kind lady and her daughter told us to pull into their driveway and come and sit in the shade as we waited for the police. They were so kind. When the elders arrived I have never felt so relieved. It felt like four Dylans coming to my rescue. This is why we need older brothers.. I thank God that I have one. And now I have 4 more brothers here in the mission who helped us yesterday. They took over and called president and the police for us and helped figure out what we needed to do. Eventually the lady showed back up and continued to yell. As I was talking on the phone to Elder Peterson at the office I began to cry again and she said "Why she cry? I make her strong. If that you mother you confess your mistake. Stop your tears" all in broken English. Of course when she mention if it was my mother (who she assumed it was) it made me start missing mom more.... all I wanted to say is "no my mother is 7000 miles away and I cant call her" I just looked at her with puppy dog eyes and prayed the Lord would soften her heart. It was all a very interesting experience. The police said since nobody was injured and it was just minor we didn't have to fill out a report.
The elders drove our car to church and then we drove with the zone leaders. It was nice.
I was all worked up still of course, and you know how I get. I just play things over and over and over in my head and beat myself up for it. It wasn't my fault and I don't think it was her fault, it was mutual faulting maybe.. I don't know. But still I wish that I could forgive and forget easier like my companion. She just bounced right back to cheerfulness.
At church soooo many miracles occurred. First off we had an investigator that actually came! It was great!
Second Becci Pemberton and her daughter came to visit me and to bring me a b-day gift! It was so great to see my Auntie Becci (as I call her) she is wonderful! It felt like family.
Second this sacrament meeting was probably one of the most spiritual events on my mission yet. I felt the spirit so strongly!! Of course I cried. The scripture Helaman 5:12 kept resonating through my mind
"And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yeah, his shafts in the whirlwind, yeah, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."
TALK ABOUT POWERFUL SCRIPTURE RIGHT THERE!! Man let me tell you my heart was full to bursting. I just had to share my testimony, luckily it was fast sunday!!! After one of our less actives who is now coming back to church and bore one of the strongest testimonies of the Book of Mormon (she has started reading it and made it her new years resolution to read it all again) I've heard here on my mission I decided to get up. Man Sacrament meeting was like a spiritual power house!
Seriously so great.
So I am also including a portion of my letter to president for you to read it says:
President Lew,
Thank you for the birthday wish from you and Sister Lew today, I really appreciated it. This week has been a very hectic week, full of differing emotions. First off I am just grateful for the healing power of the Atonement and that it teaches that yeah sometimes it is okay to make mistakes, but it is what we do after those mistakes that define us. After our car accident yesterday I ponder this a lot. Of what the atonement really is for. It isn't just for the sinner but it is for everyone. He can take our stress and worry and make our burdens light. As I sat in the Sacrament yesterday I think it was one of the most sacred experiences I've had on my mission yet. I felt the spirit so strongly. I kept thinking about Helaman 5:12and how if we build our Foundation on the rock of our Redeemer we can survive any of the storms that come our way. The fiery darts of the adversary can't over power us when we align our will with that of the Saviours. As horrible as I felt yesterday, in a weird way it was an answer to my fast. I was fasting that I may have more patience for mostly my companion but also all those around me. I have learned that if I do not increase in my patience then I can not increase in my charity for those around me. So I fasted for this Christlike attribute I have struggled with throughout my mission. Yesterday after the accident I saw that Sister Keikyu wasn't even phased, she just bounced right back to her cheerful self. I never understood that before but it is because she has an amazing amount of patience.
I know I am not the best trainer, nor the best missionary but my goal is for her to be. Yesterday when the car hit us, luckily it was minor, but I always told myself if I got in an accident that I wanted it to be on my side. If something had happened to my companion it would have devastated me. My role is to save lives, not only spiritual but physical. I have always felt this way. I am trying my best to help both of us to become better, sometimes it is hard really hard. But I know that the Lord will help us in his own strange incomprehensible way.
From my reading of the Book of Mormon I really liked the strong testimony of Abinadi in Mosiah chapter 13. He knew what would happen to him but he endured anyways and continued to fulfil his ministry. He exercised great faith. We know he was killed before he was able to see the fruits of his labours but isn't that such a great example for us missionaries today. We may never see the fruits of our labours either but God does. And His work will not fail. Abinadi is a great example to me of patience, endurance, and faith.
This was a good week because we had an investigator at church! So it was wonderful that we studied that fundamental lesson. My average is probably a 3. We try our best to help those we teach why church is important yet they aren't coming, maybe because they don't fully understand yet. This is something we need to increase. However our less-actives are starting to come more so maybe for that our average is a 4.5
Church attendance is crucial for conversion, we recognize that. That is why it is disappointing that we never have as many investigators (or any) come to church. But we truly our trying our best.
President thanks for all you do and your example of patience, charity, and diligence. I hope that as I follow your example, the example of my other leaders, and of course the example of my Saviour that I too can draw that much nearer to Him. My desire IS to do a great labour in this part of His vineyard. I can say that I am trying my best, but I know that I have A LOT that I need to improve on, and I will.
Thanks again.
My family I know this church is true. I know this gospel is powerful! It changes lives! It takes all the bad in us and refines it. Makes us pure. Man it is just simply awesome and awesomely simple. I love it!!
Also since today is my birthday it is also great! I woke up to the training sisters having decorated our door and the hall way for me it was sooooo cute!!! I also opened my birthday presents from yous and of course... I cried! Especially during the letter reading part! Everyone thank you for the presents and wishes I appreciated it. Most of all thank you for the love and support I've had in the 20 years I've walked this earth.. and I imagine before this life as well. We were always meant to be family and always will be.
I love you all and pray for you always. Keep up growing in your testimony. Keep progressing, keep improving. Keep changing. Im learning change is good, it can even be exciting!
Love you heaps!
Sister Boiteux

Our car

Her car

Auntie Becci and KiKi

Birthday Girl (thanks mom)

Sisters decorated the apartment

Picking mangos

Zone Conference!

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