Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello everyone! OH MY GOODNESS THIS WEEK IS AMAZING!!!! I love love LOVE missionary work!!! So when you hit your lowest moment you know that the Lord is about to bring you back up. That happened!!! Right when I was giving up and just wanted to get transferred or get a new companion or something miracles just happened! Man there is so much I want to tell you but I have so little time and words are just rushing through my head!! First off we had the Elder Nelson conference this past Wednesday... yeah talk about FREAKING AMAZING!!! I was sitting on the left hand side second pew back... a.k.a I was really close. As he walked into the chapel all 400+ of us missionary arose simultaneously. The coolest most spiritual part happened right after. When he walked past my pew and I could have reached out to Him man my soul just ignited! I had chills all over my body, the good kind that is. And I just couldn't stop myself from crying. My spirit recognised that THIS WAS AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! All the talks were so powerful! I wish I had written it down in email form for you but there is just simply to much to say. He explained the story of Gideons army in the book of judges I think he gave the ratio that his army to the Mideanites was 1:500
Then he told us that in the church today we have 14 million members in a world of 7 billion. The ratio is the same. One member to every 500 people. That is a lot to take on! There is no way we could do it. But it is possible. We know Gideons army crushed the Mideanites. How? By the power of God. It is the same with this work! Through god anything is possible! He also told us that when we go home we need to find spouses who love the Lord as much as our mission president and his wife do. Why? Because if they put the Lord first (even before us and our family) then their love for us and for others will automatically blossom. I've seen that in my own life. As I put God first in ALL things my love for others just grows and grows and grows. It is beautiful!!
Then we had an awesome miracle on Saturday! I was a little discouraged I didn't get transferred or something because I have been having a hard time dealing with my companion but on Friday I had fasted and told the Lord that where ever and who ever I was to serve with I would do it cheerfully. As long as He would help me. And boy did he ever! 
We had a first lesson with a referral from a member and guess what we set a baptismal date!!! It is set for 29 March. So we will work towards that. Hopefully it goes!! I am so excited!!!! Then we had an amazing stake conference!!!! Man it was like a spiritual powerhouse. Yesterday we also had a cool miracle. We went to visit a less active family but they weren't home so as we were walking back to our car we said hello to these two ladies sitting on their porch. Of course they said hello back. And when they did that, we moved in. We began talking to them and learned they go to A of G but that they know lots of mormons. They told us the one thing they want is to learn how to draw closer to God. Well good thing we showed up! We have the PERFECT thing for that.. it is called the Book of Mormon! We had a lesson with these two figian sisters and then one of thme asked us if she could come to church this sunday. Of course we said YES!! So yeah that was awesome! We then went to  a family home evening lesson and man! My family we have been missing out!! I wish our family home evenings had been like this one. I wanted to cry it was so powerful! Not only that put they have 9 kids all under the age of 12 and they were all sooooo well behaved. Why? Because they know every monday is family night. AWESOME!!
And last! Today was temple day!!! WEWWWW so powerful. I love that place!
So yeah. I am nervous for the next six weeks ahead but I will put my trust in the Lord. Love you all!

Sister Boiteux

Sister Clegg

Out to lunch after conference with STL's and AP's

Temple Trip!

after conference


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