Monday, March 31, 2014

Kriky Mate!

Hello Family,
So sorry I wasn't on earlier... it has been a hectic/exhausting/amazing preparation day!!!
So this morning we woke up at 6:15 and went for a morning hike with our crazy district... they are all such weirdos but you can't help but love em'. Then this afternoon we went with some of the sisters on a GORGEOUS hike for one of the sisters last p-days here in the mission field. It was so much fun but now I am sweaty, smelly, and quite frankly exhausted. But it was worth it.
Sooooo this week has been long as!!! Again. Hopefully this next week will pick up. The only difficulty being we no longer have a car :( our car is finally in the shop being fixed which is a good thing but at the same time we are now on foot. The hard part is our area is SOOO big!!! But everything happens for a reason. I think the reason for this is that Heavenly Father wants us to rely more on the members. Sacrifice leads to salvation and having them sacrifice to drive us is a good way to get them more involved in the work. So yeah... hopefully I can get in shape again now haha.
Um.. dont know what more to say.. my mind is only have working at the moment.
So this is the last week of the transfer so next week p-day will be on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get transferred. But then again I will go wherever the Lord asks me to go. Things are finally starting to pick up hopefully in this area. Miracles soooo many have happened! So there was one funny day that we walked for ages! After walking for an hour we came upon two policemen. We said hello and merrily carried on our way. Well about an hour and a half later we got to another place and as we were walking saw two more police men trying to speed trap people with those sneaky little things they have. We laughed at thought "well I hope it isn't the same two.. that would be awkward." Well yup it was the same two. We said hello to them and struck up a convo. when they asked us what we were doing here we told them and then one of the said "ohhh you're churchies are you." Then he kept talking about us being careful and if we ever need anything just run to someones door. The other cop was just laughing/smiling behind his little camera thingy. It was the most interesting conversation I've had with cops ha. You know are mission presidents wife always says that it takes a person about 7 times contact with the church until they learn and eventually join it. Well in that case we just bumped them up to a 2 :)
So many other interesting things happened but my mind is to tired to think right now. I want to write something really inspirational but sorry folks my inspiration is dried up at the moment. Drats. Well in closing I will address you my family!
Dylan! What the heck you got a german shephard!!! He is just the darn cutest thing I've ever seen!!! I love my pup pups! It is sad one of our zone leaders is tongan and he eats dogs and horses (my two favourite animals) so he is always joking around with the tongan members telling them I want to eat dog and horse. Luckily it is illigal here to eat dog but I still get nervous that he will get me on the horse ha. But really though your new dog is sooooo adorable, I just want to cuddle him but by the time I get home he will be huge!!
Carly sorry the house smells like dog... just be happy moms the one taking care of them (sorry mom!)
Blake.. so thanks for no email this week you little fart. I expect pictures next week. And an account of your favourite readings in the Book of Mormon.
Dad I hope that all goes well with work and that Heavenly Father will direct your path.
Mom sorry it is snowing again, but really I am not that sorry. I miss the snow. Ill have to go biking with you when I get home so I can get fit again but that wont happen since it will be the middle of winter ha.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great day!
Ofa Atu!
Sister Boiteux

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi my name is Sister Boiteux... and im a Mormon

So I really don't have to much to say this week so what I will do is just copy over my letter that I sent to my mission president for you all. I know so lame... But then I will expound and give more info too haha.
Dear President Lew,
This has been an insightful week for me. It has been a struggle to find people to teach. We are having a hard time meeting the standard of excellence for lessons taught. Sister Perez and I decided to exercise our faith and to go finding for two hours on Wednesday. It was really scary, finding is not something I enjoy but it is something that helps to build my faith. The first few people we met weren't interested at all but then we are waiting to cross the street and this little woman was standing by us so we said hello and started to talk to her. We just walked all around Bankstown with her as she ran her errands and we talked about our beliefs. We shared much about the restoration with her. We got her information and have a return appointment with her on Wednesday. It was cool because before we left her she wanted to ask us a question but then she said "no i'll just save it for Wednesday when I meet with you." It was good to hear that because it meant to me that she was really willing to listen. I'm excited for the lesson. It was as a miracle because yesterday at church these two members brought one of their friends with them to church who wants to change her life. We found a quiet room and had the first lesson with her. The spirit was so strong. We extended the baptismal invitation and she was excited but said she isn't ready to commit yet, she wants to read the Book of Mormon first. Unfortunately for Sister Perez and I she doesnt live in our area so we got her information to pass onward. We were sad we had to pass her on to other missionaries because we already love her so much but it was a miracle for us. It boosted us up that we can find an investigator for ourselves who is ready to hear the gospel.
In my reading of the Book of Mormon I found a scripture I really love from Mormon. It is 3 Nephi 5:13 and it says "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." This scripture really touched my heart because this is our purpose. We are disciples of Christ called to declare his word here in Australia so that they may have everlasting life. It really touched my heart in that this is the Lords work and He is in control. Sometimes I need to be reminded about that, especially in hard weeks. I am so grateful to be able to be His disciple and to be a full time missionary at this time in my life.
In the study of the fundamental lesson-the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion it really deepened my own testimony of the gift of the Holy Ghost and how blessed I am to have it. As a missionary I learn every day to rely on Him more and more. You can tell the difference in lessons were the Holy Ghost is the main teacher and when he is not. Just as it says in D&C 50 we must teach by the Spirit and if we are not than we are not teaching in the Lords way. If we are teaching by the spirit the investigator will not progress, and neither will we for that matter. The Holy Ghost is the only way that we can become converted unto this gospel. As a missionary I have learned it is crucial I feel his presence in my life especially when I am teaching. Sometimes it is hard to recognise where I need to go and what I need to do but if I just keep working, even if just blindly, miracles do happen.
Thanks for everything President. Im looking forward to interviews this Wednesday. It is always good to see you and Sister Lew. Have a good week!
Yup... so that was my email to president. So as you can tell this week was hard but we did have our share of miracles.
Now for the sad/funny of the week: The title for this one is THE WORST MISSIONARY IN THE WORLD!!!  So we had sports night with the ward on saturday and for a few of us who don't play rugby we converted a volleyball into a soccer ball and had a little game. It was four of us missionaries against a hord of children. Well I got the ball from my lovely companion. I looked to the goal and saw glory. It was wideeeee open! Perfect opportunity to shoot it.  Welllllll lets just say that I kicked it really hard and there was a little 8 year old who reminds me of Amanaki who decided to stand right in the balls path on its way to the goal.... Yup. It hit him square in the face. I felt SOOOOO bad!!! It didn't help that I couldn't even hug the kid. I just awkwardly stood there asking if he was okay while his eyes teared up. All the other missionaries laughed at me then helped to comfort him. He was a tough kid though and shook it off. Mucho respect to the kid. I felt bad too because he was such a little cutie. Then at church yesterday I went up to him and asked if he was okay and he just looked at me and turned away.. Slap to the face moment. I think I need to buy him a candy bar. Whoops. No more soccer for me. So yes that was the funny not so funny of the week.
Hmmm what else! OHHH I know. So the circus was in town but unfortunately we couldn't go because it was closed on p-day and we can't go during the week. Well our lesson had just finished for the night and the circus looked so cool! So before going home for the night we hurried and went and snapped some pictures at the circus and left. It was soooo cool looking they had all these lights lit up. It was awesome I wish we could have seen the show. It was funny though  because we were racing against time in order to get home for cerfuw, dont worry we weren't late. We felt like we were in a horror movie or something as we ran through the trees to get back to our car. ha It was spontaneous and fun.
Well yupp. Oh yeah ALSO!! Sister Perez and I are planning an AWESOME ward missionary fireside! It is going to be HUGE! It is called Journey into the Book of Mormon. We wrote a script for the actors and everything. The ward is so pumped! It is going to be awesome, I wish you could all be here for it. Scratch that I hope I'LL be here for it ha... you never know if I will get transfered! Well I love you heaps!
Sister Boiteux


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my eight month mark... SAY WHAT!!! It is crazy how fast time is flyin by, it makes me both want to shout for joy and bawl like a baby at the same time!!! Miracles are happen in the Australia Sydney South Mission! Well to tell you about this week, this week was a hard week. Many people cancelled on us or just flat out weren't home when we went to visit. It would have been easy to get discouraged but thankfully we helped each other stay positive. It is hard because we are being the best that we can be and still arent getting many results. This week was a trial of our faith week. However we did have many miracles towards the end. After Zone Conference on Friday more of our appointments cancelled so we decided to fast together. Then the miracles started to come. My testimony of the power of fasting has increased dramatically. At the end of Friday night we decided to stop by one more less active sisters before heading home. As we knocked on the door and she answered she said "you're late". We were both astonished, neither of us remembered making an appointment with her, are planners would have said so. Anyways she explained she had a friend that really wanted to meet with us that night but we didn't come and she didnt think to call us. We apologized and then decided to go stop by the friends with her. Her friend was muslim so it was an interesting lesson. I don't think the lessons will progress anywhere and we informed our member that if they did that we'd have to get permission. But nevertheless it was a good experience. Our lessactive sister was so great, she was bearing such a strong testimony of the power of prayer. Then she had Sister Perez and I explain why we were here and we both about started to cry as we explained our missionary purpose. The spirit was very strong. I don't think this kind muslim woman understood everything we shared but I know that she could feel it. Most of all the sister who brought us felt it. During the lesson she turned to her friend and said "if you want I will pick you up and take you to church with me" after the lesson she turned to us and said "sisters I will see you at church on Sunday". It was really awesome because if we invite her to come she will say no because she doesn't like people telling her what to say. It was a miracle.
The next miracle occurred at mcm and after. So Saturday night Sister Perez and I came up with a brilliant idea for a missionary fireside for our ward. We came up with the plan and then took it to mcm the next day to discuss with the others. We were nervous our idea would get shot down but everyone loved it. Our ward mission leader told us that he had been feeling we needed to make something as well. When he took it to Bishop, bishop told him that the ward council had been wanting to have a missionary fireside for the week of April 26th because that is ward conference week. It just showed the power of inspiration. Sister Perez and I are excited to see our idea be put into action with the help of our awesome ward!
From my reading of the Book of Mormon I loved reading in Helaman 6:4-5. In these two versions it explains the missionary service of the recently converted Lamanites as they go to preach to the now wicked Nephites. These verses touched me because it shows that it doesn't matter to how much knowledge someone has to the gospel but really comes down to the strength of our testimony to what we do know. These Lamanites were recent converts, they probably didn't have the greatest knowledge of deep doctrine and everything "long time" members have, yet they had strong and simple and powerful testimonies! In verse 5 it says "Yea, and many did preach with exceedingly great power and authority, unto the bringing down many of them (the nephites) into the depths of humility, to be the humble folloowers of God and the Lamb". How they had this power was because as it says in verse 4 "the power of their conversion". It shows that the best way to help others obtain a testimony is to have them share it!
As we share the gospel more and more our knowledge will grow immensly. I understand the missionary purpose and the doctrine and I do my best to have others understand as well. I may not be the best teacher, but I am at MY best at this current stage. All we can do is improve.  At church yesterday someone said something interesting that I loved. He said, "when you feel like you are at nothing, it just means God is up to something". What a great way to look at our trials and shortcomings. The Lord qualifies those to whom He has called. We have all been called. We all have a mission and a purpose here on our short time in mortal existence. What a blessing that will be when we stand at the judgement seat of God and we can look back and see that we accomplished all that we had told Him we would do. At the same time how horrible you would feel if you hadn't. So family and friends what is your purpose? What did we promise to do before we were here? If you don't know... figure it out. Now is the time to prepare to meet God!
Well I love you all heaps and hope you have a great week!!!
Sister Boiteux
Funny: So this funny of the week was more like the annoying I want to kill our zone leaders of the week haha. So Sister Perez and I made some cookies for our less actives and investigators and we had to ask the elders for an address... well when they found out that we were making cookies they asked for some. We laughed said no and hung up..... welll the next day was Zone Conference at the mission office. Later that day we got a text from the Zone Leaders reminding all of us that the next day was zone conference and to be on time and at the bottom of the nice little text it said....
"Also everyone please thank the Bankstown 1st sisters for the cookies they are making to provide for conferencetomorrow"
SAY WHAT!!! Talk about blind sided!!! So yup the whole zone plus the Mortdale zone (so two zones) were now expecting homemade cookies... So yes... we had to make them. The best part was when we called to elders to yell at them we said we will bake if you pay for the cost and one of them said "Sisters don't count the cost, the fourth misisonary (a preach my gospel missionary haha) wouldn't count the cost" hahaha we were angry but at the same time it was hilarious. you just gotta love the elders... I went from having 2 brothers to having 6+ haha
Yup. Never again will I make cookies  ;)

We went to the beach...

Just kidding it really wasnt the beach

Making cookies

Taro Cake.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

All Day. E'ry Day!!

Hola! This week was long as but it was great! Sister Perez and I worked our hardest this week! I love being with her! We are so alike, although she is WAY more bubbly than I am... It is good to be with a companion who can make you laugh. I haven't laughed so much in my life... well since I was with all my besties back in the 84095. Sister Perez and I compliment each other. What i'm lacking she has and vice versa. It is cool because we were in MTC together and we will fly home together too. We were talking yesterday about how happy we are that we are serving because if we hadn't we would never know each other and all our other friends that we've met. I think most of the sisters I've met here will become some of my best friends after the mission. I love them so much!
Many trials in the work this week but it was cool because for every disappointment we saw miracles too! I'm sad because we haven't been able to get ahold of our investigator with a baptismal date in two weeks so we have to push it back. I hope we can see her soon and figure out what is going on. Opposition in all things right? Well I have truly realised that every area is different. The success I am having her is different than the success in the last area. Here is the area to work among the less-actives of the church. It has been such a joy for me to see my brothers and sisters renewing their baptismal covenants! I love missionary work!
Most of all I love the growth that I see within myself! The person I desire to be is slowly coming forth. The Book of Mormon is the key to success! In my Book of Mormon reading I am in Alma and this morning I just finished reading chapter 57. As you recall this is the chapter that discusses somewhat about the Sons of Helaman and their faith in the midst of adversity. I love verse 21 were it talks about what they did in order to receive the protection of the Lord. It says, "Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them."
In this simple verse we learn many important principles. First when we obey with EXACTNESS miracles will come. Second our exact obedience is a demonstration of our faith. Lack of obedience = lack of faith. Thirdly, we see the importance of righteous mothers in zion. This verse made me remember the example and faith of my own mother and how because of her example, and all the righteous women in my life, I became, in part, the person that I am today. I am here serving my mission because they helped me to know who I am and what I need to stand for. It also shows me what kind of mother I need to be someday. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in this mission to learn the skills necessary to someday teach my sons and daughters the gospel, and that I do not doubt it!
My study of repentance was very good this week. Many of the people we are teaching are struggling to make the necessary changes in their life to draw closer to Christ. I learned the importance of inviting them to participate in appropriate commitments. Each commitment we extend need to focus on the things they need to repent, or change. Repentance is a gift from God. Satan tries to make it something scary and something we don't want to do, in otherwords he doesn't want us to change. For that is what repentance is, to change. I have seen many people change as they have learnt more about this message. For example this past week we visited with a less active sister who has gone back to many of her previous catholic ways. We have met with her week after week and she never wanted to commit to change, to repent. Well last week we saw her and she was telling us that she knows she needs to come to church but she doesnt know what is holding her back. As she was talking to us her grandchildren, who live with her, began to fight and the youngest began to cry. To rebuke them she turned and said to her grandchildren "that is it you need to learn disipline, we are going to church this week and you will be going to primary" it was so great! For once I was grateful the kids were fighting in a lesson. The kids were excited to, which is a crack up because this was supposed to be a punishment but in actuality it is a blessing for them all. So yesterday it was so great to actually see them walk through the doors of the chapel. Sometimes we can't figure out what we need to do or what is holding us back, all we know is that we need to change. Wether that change involves our desires, habits, or behaviours. On my mission I have learnt that repentance isn't just a once in a while thing you do when you make big mistakes but it is actually an every day occurance! I repent ALL the time, because I am changing all the time! My mission is shaping and refining me and one way it does that is by requiring me to repent and become more like Christ.
Repentance is a gift given to us to help us become more like Christ.
Well I love you all with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! Most of all I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and God the Eternal Father!
Well have a great week! Stay safe! Stay cool!
Sister Boiteux

At a Tongan Wedding

Zone meeting with the gang. Love my new companion!!

Favorite yogurt shop

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The works and designs of God

We are in the Makers hands.
Wow I don't even know where to start for this week. Like wow Im in a whirl wind state right now. First off there was some issues with another companionship of sisters so they need to be seperated so my companion, Sister Keikyu, is being emergency transfered. It is hard to see her go so suddenly, we just learned last night, but it is interesting the things that happened leading up to this time.
So you all know how this has been a hard couple months in our companionship but we have worked through our issues well, we have never fought. But it was still hard. Well we thought we would still have a whole transfer together still. Well Sister Keikyu has some health issues so on Friday our Mission presidents wife told us we needed to go to Cambelltown for her to see a doctor who is a member there. So we made arrangements. Well then on Saturday our sister training leader got a phone call and we could tell something was wrong and she had to leave. Saturday night she called saying we had to come to the recent convert fireside on Sunday. All day I had the feeling I was going to be transferred. I had this assurance something would happen. Yup. Just it isn't me leaving. The cool part is we already had an appointment made to be in Cambelltown for her appointment and that will also be her new area.
This whole time I've been praying for Heavenly Father to help me be patient with her and to be accepting of my situation was leading up to this. And now my new situation will be harder still but mission president is trusting me to help take care of and resolve the situation and concerns. It all makes sense now. If I hadn't been moulded from being with Sister Keikyu I never would have been prepared or refined enough for this next situation He has put me in. I am truly humbled. He knows each of us. He hears our earnest and sincere prayers. He does answer, but just not in our time or in the way we expect. During Elder Nelsons conference last week he read Hebrews 13:7,17 and told us that we always need to report to our leaders with a recommendation and to ALWAYS be apart of the Solution and NOT the challenge. During the week I was praying to know how I could be more of a solution for His work, and not a problem. And then this. I love being apart of His plans. I tell Sister Keikyu all the time that she needs to let him take her through His refiners fire. That we needed to be purged of our blemishes. That it doesn't take place all at once but over time. Just as a diamond has to go through an excruciatingly hot heat in order to become the beautiful crystal it is destined to be. So to must we. We won't ever reach our full potential here in this life but if we allow him to start sanctifying us, through the power of the Holy Ghost which we receive after baptism, then we can be assurred that we will become BEAUTIFUL DIAMONDS.
So many miracles occured this week! We had our fairshare of down falls as well. But you don't focus on those. One such miracle was with a less active member.He has a strong smoking problem so on Tuesday we talked about how the church has a Stop Smoking program we'd love to have him do. He told us he would think about it but he wanted to try to stop on his own. But then on Friday he texted us and said he was ready to stop and give him a call. So we did. On Saturday we did the program and it was so great! Satan was doing everything he could to get us to not do the lesson, the fellowship was an hour late. The electricity went out, it was pouring rain. It was just going wrong. But the lesson the spirit was felt. He was so eager to commit to change. He wants to partake of the sacrament so badly. So it was our miracle to see him change. When we first met him three months ago it was hard to imagine this change. But not it is happening. He is understanding the concept of change, or in otherwords REPENTANCE!
So also a funny of the week! Blake I finally have one for you haha. It is more like Sister Ashley Boiteuxs stupidity of the week ha.
Anways last Monday we had to wash our car and fill it with gas. So we went to 7/11. In the process we bought slurpees. As we were paying for everything we had a nice chat with the muslim cashier and were telling him about chrisitianity and of course our unique message to the world. It was cool to make a new friend. Anyways we said goodbye then proceeded forth to the car wash. Well..... you know how it sprays the car with soap and then the spinny things start to go over the car. Well you also know how when the spinny things start to go over the car it makes the car feel like it is moving. Well anyways at this time the spinny things started going over the car and then we realised "Wait the car feels like it is moving really fast..." well yup that is because someone forgot to put the car in park and had taken her foot of the brake. We rolled out of the carwash with soap still all over the car.... Talk about embarrassing! We had no idea what to do. It isn't like we could back back in, nor could we drive off with all the soap on the car.... Luckily our new friend (thank goodness we had talked to him for like 20 mintues) came out and backed us back in and restarted the wash for us. He was so nice about it... Then a couple minutes later the dryer that moves over the car also got stuck and it kept us from moving out so he had to come back and manually start the wash again so the dryer would go... yup soooooo embarrassing! No worries the car and the wash is all good....
Don't worry folks I promise I'm a good driver! Also Im not a blonde haha.
well yup that is my week. it was good. It will be very very interesting to see what happens this week!
Love you all!
Sister Boiteux