Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my eight month mark... SAY WHAT!!! It is crazy how fast time is flyin by, it makes me both want to shout for joy and bawl like a baby at the same time!!! Miracles are happen in the Australia Sydney South Mission! Well to tell you about this week, this week was a hard week. Many people cancelled on us or just flat out weren't home when we went to visit. It would have been easy to get discouraged but thankfully we helped each other stay positive. It is hard because we are being the best that we can be and still arent getting many results. This week was a trial of our faith week. However we did have many miracles towards the end. After Zone Conference on Friday more of our appointments cancelled so we decided to fast together. Then the miracles started to come. My testimony of the power of fasting has increased dramatically. At the end of Friday night we decided to stop by one more less active sisters before heading home. As we knocked on the door and she answered she said "you're late". We were both astonished, neither of us remembered making an appointment with her, are planners would have said so. Anyways she explained she had a friend that really wanted to meet with us that night but we didn't come and she didnt think to call us. We apologized and then decided to go stop by the friends with her. Her friend was muslim so it was an interesting lesson. I don't think the lessons will progress anywhere and we informed our member that if they did that we'd have to get permission. But nevertheless it was a good experience. Our lessactive sister was so great, she was bearing such a strong testimony of the power of prayer. Then she had Sister Perez and I explain why we were here and we both about started to cry as we explained our missionary purpose. The spirit was very strong. I don't think this kind muslim woman understood everything we shared but I know that she could feel it. Most of all the sister who brought us felt it. During the lesson she turned to her friend and said "if you want I will pick you up and take you to church with me" after the lesson she turned to us and said "sisters I will see you at church on Sunday". It was really awesome because if we invite her to come she will say no because she doesn't like people telling her what to say. It was a miracle.
The next miracle occurred at mcm and after. So Saturday night Sister Perez and I came up with a brilliant idea for a missionary fireside for our ward. We came up with the plan and then took it to mcm the next day to discuss with the others. We were nervous our idea would get shot down but everyone loved it. Our ward mission leader told us that he had been feeling we needed to make something as well. When he took it to Bishop, bishop told him that the ward council had been wanting to have a missionary fireside for the week of April 26th because that is ward conference week. It just showed the power of inspiration. Sister Perez and I are excited to see our idea be put into action with the help of our awesome ward!
From my reading of the Book of Mormon I loved reading in Helaman 6:4-5. In these two versions it explains the missionary service of the recently converted Lamanites as they go to preach to the now wicked Nephites. These verses touched me because it shows that it doesn't matter to how much knowledge someone has to the gospel but really comes down to the strength of our testimony to what we do know. These Lamanites were recent converts, they probably didn't have the greatest knowledge of deep doctrine and everything "long time" members have, yet they had strong and simple and powerful testimonies! In verse 5 it says "Yea, and many did preach with exceedingly great power and authority, unto the bringing down many of them (the nephites) into the depths of humility, to be the humble folloowers of God and the Lamb". How they had this power was because as it says in verse 4 "the power of their conversion". It shows that the best way to help others obtain a testimony is to have them share it!
As we share the gospel more and more our knowledge will grow immensly. I understand the missionary purpose and the doctrine and I do my best to have others understand as well. I may not be the best teacher, but I am at MY best at this current stage. All we can do is improve.  At church yesterday someone said something interesting that I loved. He said, "when you feel like you are at nothing, it just means God is up to something". What a great way to look at our trials and shortcomings. The Lord qualifies those to whom He has called. We have all been called. We all have a mission and a purpose here on our short time in mortal existence. What a blessing that will be when we stand at the judgement seat of God and we can look back and see that we accomplished all that we had told Him we would do. At the same time how horrible you would feel if you hadn't. So family and friends what is your purpose? What did we promise to do before we were here? If you don't know... figure it out. Now is the time to prepare to meet God!
Well I love you all heaps and hope you have a great week!!!
Sister Boiteux
Funny: So this funny of the week was more like the annoying I want to kill our zone leaders of the week haha. So Sister Perez and I made some cookies for our less actives and investigators and we had to ask the elders for an address... well when they found out that we were making cookies they asked for some. We laughed said no and hung up..... welll the next day was Zone Conference at the mission office. Later that day we got a text from the Zone Leaders reminding all of us that the next day was zone conference and to be on time and at the bottom of the nice little text it said....
"Also everyone please thank the Bankstown 1st sisters for the cookies they are making to provide for conferencetomorrow"
SAY WHAT!!! Talk about blind sided!!! So yup the whole zone plus the Mortdale zone (so two zones) were now expecting homemade cookies... So yes... we had to make them. The best part was when we called to elders to yell at them we said we will bake if you pay for the cost and one of them said "Sisters don't count the cost, the fourth misisonary (a preach my gospel missionary haha) wouldn't count the cost" hahaha we were angry but at the same time it was hilarious. you just gotta love the elders... I went from having 2 brothers to having 6+ haha
Yup. Never again will I make cookies  ;)

We went to the beach...

Just kidding it really wasnt the beach

Making cookies

Taro Cake.

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