Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi my name is Sister Boiteux... and im a Mormon

So I really don't have to much to say this week so what I will do is just copy over my letter that I sent to my mission president for you all. I know so lame... But then I will expound and give more info too haha.
Dear President Lew,
This has been an insightful week for me. It has been a struggle to find people to teach. We are having a hard time meeting the standard of excellence for lessons taught. Sister Perez and I decided to exercise our faith and to go finding for two hours on Wednesday. It was really scary, finding is not something I enjoy but it is something that helps to build my faith. The first few people we met weren't interested at all but then we are waiting to cross the street and this little woman was standing by us so we said hello and started to talk to her. We just walked all around Bankstown with her as she ran her errands and we talked about our beliefs. We shared much about the restoration with her. We got her information and have a return appointment with her on Wednesday. It was cool because before we left her she wanted to ask us a question but then she said "no i'll just save it for Wednesday when I meet with you." It was good to hear that because it meant to me that she was really willing to listen. I'm excited for the lesson. It was as a miracle because yesterday at church these two members brought one of their friends with them to church who wants to change her life. We found a quiet room and had the first lesson with her. The spirit was so strong. We extended the baptismal invitation and she was excited but said she isn't ready to commit yet, she wants to read the Book of Mormon first. Unfortunately for Sister Perez and I she doesnt live in our area so we got her information to pass onward. We were sad we had to pass her on to other missionaries because we already love her so much but it was a miracle for us. It boosted us up that we can find an investigator for ourselves who is ready to hear the gospel.
In my reading of the Book of Mormon I found a scripture I really love from Mormon. It is 3 Nephi 5:13 and it says "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." This scripture really touched my heart because this is our purpose. We are disciples of Christ called to declare his word here in Australia so that they may have everlasting life. It really touched my heart in that this is the Lords work and He is in control. Sometimes I need to be reminded about that, especially in hard weeks. I am so grateful to be able to be His disciple and to be a full time missionary at this time in my life.
In the study of the fundamental lesson-the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion it really deepened my own testimony of the gift of the Holy Ghost and how blessed I am to have it. As a missionary I learn every day to rely on Him more and more. You can tell the difference in lessons were the Holy Ghost is the main teacher and when he is not. Just as it says in D&C 50 we must teach by the Spirit and if we are not than we are not teaching in the Lords way. If we are teaching by the spirit the investigator will not progress, and neither will we for that matter. The Holy Ghost is the only way that we can become converted unto this gospel. As a missionary I have learned it is crucial I feel his presence in my life especially when I am teaching. Sometimes it is hard to recognise where I need to go and what I need to do but if I just keep working, even if just blindly, miracles do happen.
Thanks for everything President. Im looking forward to interviews this Wednesday. It is always good to see you and Sister Lew. Have a good week!
Yup... so that was my email to president. So as you can tell this week was hard but we did have our share of miracles.
Now for the sad/funny of the week: The title for this one is THE WORST MISSIONARY IN THE WORLD!!!  So we had sports night with the ward on saturday and for a few of us who don't play rugby we converted a volleyball into a soccer ball and had a little game. It was four of us missionaries against a hord of children. Well I got the ball from my lovely companion. I looked to the goal and saw glory. It was wideeeee open! Perfect opportunity to shoot it.  Welllllll lets just say that I kicked it really hard and there was a little 8 year old who reminds me of Amanaki who decided to stand right in the balls path on its way to the goal.... Yup. It hit him square in the face. I felt SOOOOO bad!!! It didn't help that I couldn't even hug the kid. I just awkwardly stood there asking if he was okay while his eyes teared up. All the other missionaries laughed at me then helped to comfort him. He was a tough kid though and shook it off. Mucho respect to the kid. I felt bad too because he was such a little cutie. Then at church yesterday I went up to him and asked if he was okay and he just looked at me and turned away.. Slap to the face moment. I think I need to buy him a candy bar. Whoops. No more soccer for me. So yes that was the funny not so funny of the week.
Hmmm what else! OHHH I know. So the circus was in town but unfortunately we couldn't go because it was closed on p-day and we can't go during the week. Well our lesson had just finished for the night and the circus looked so cool! So before going home for the night we hurried and went and snapped some pictures at the circus and left. It was soooo cool looking they had all these lights lit up. It was awesome I wish we could have seen the show. It was funny though  because we were racing against time in order to get home for cerfuw, dont worry we weren't late. We felt like we were in a horror movie or something as we ran through the trees to get back to our car. ha It was spontaneous and fun.
Well yupp. Oh yeah ALSO!! Sister Perez and I are planning an AWESOME ward missionary fireside! It is going to be HUGE! It is called Journey into the Book of Mormon. We wrote a script for the actors and everything. The ward is so pumped! It is going to be awesome, I wish you could all be here for it. Scratch that I hope I'LL be here for it ha... you never know if I will get transfered! Well I love you heaps!
Sister Boiteux


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