Thursday, March 6, 2014

The works and designs of God

We are in the Makers hands.
Wow I don't even know where to start for this week. Like wow Im in a whirl wind state right now. First off there was some issues with another companionship of sisters so they need to be seperated so my companion, Sister Keikyu, is being emergency transfered. It is hard to see her go so suddenly, we just learned last night, but it is interesting the things that happened leading up to this time.
So you all know how this has been a hard couple months in our companionship but we have worked through our issues well, we have never fought. But it was still hard. Well we thought we would still have a whole transfer together still. Well Sister Keikyu has some health issues so on Friday our Mission presidents wife told us we needed to go to Cambelltown for her to see a doctor who is a member there. So we made arrangements. Well then on Saturday our sister training leader got a phone call and we could tell something was wrong and she had to leave. Saturday night she called saying we had to come to the recent convert fireside on Sunday. All day I had the feeling I was going to be transferred. I had this assurance something would happen. Yup. Just it isn't me leaving. The cool part is we already had an appointment made to be in Cambelltown for her appointment and that will also be her new area.
This whole time I've been praying for Heavenly Father to help me be patient with her and to be accepting of my situation was leading up to this. And now my new situation will be harder still but mission president is trusting me to help take care of and resolve the situation and concerns. It all makes sense now. If I hadn't been moulded from being with Sister Keikyu I never would have been prepared or refined enough for this next situation He has put me in. I am truly humbled. He knows each of us. He hears our earnest and sincere prayers. He does answer, but just not in our time or in the way we expect. During Elder Nelsons conference last week he read Hebrews 13:7,17 and told us that we always need to report to our leaders with a recommendation and to ALWAYS be apart of the Solution and NOT the challenge. During the week I was praying to know how I could be more of a solution for His work, and not a problem. And then this. I love being apart of His plans. I tell Sister Keikyu all the time that she needs to let him take her through His refiners fire. That we needed to be purged of our blemishes. That it doesn't take place all at once but over time. Just as a diamond has to go through an excruciatingly hot heat in order to become the beautiful crystal it is destined to be. So to must we. We won't ever reach our full potential here in this life but if we allow him to start sanctifying us, through the power of the Holy Ghost which we receive after baptism, then we can be assurred that we will become BEAUTIFUL DIAMONDS.
So many miracles occured this week! We had our fairshare of down falls as well. But you don't focus on those. One such miracle was with a less active member.He has a strong smoking problem so on Tuesday we talked about how the church has a Stop Smoking program we'd love to have him do. He told us he would think about it but he wanted to try to stop on his own. But then on Friday he texted us and said he was ready to stop and give him a call. So we did. On Saturday we did the program and it was so great! Satan was doing everything he could to get us to not do the lesson, the fellowship was an hour late. The electricity went out, it was pouring rain. It was just going wrong. But the lesson the spirit was felt. He was so eager to commit to change. He wants to partake of the sacrament so badly. So it was our miracle to see him change. When we first met him three months ago it was hard to imagine this change. But not it is happening. He is understanding the concept of change, or in otherwords REPENTANCE!
So also a funny of the week! Blake I finally have one for you haha. It is more like Sister Ashley Boiteuxs stupidity of the week ha.
Anways last Monday we had to wash our car and fill it with gas. So we went to 7/11. In the process we bought slurpees. As we were paying for everything we had a nice chat with the muslim cashier and were telling him about chrisitianity and of course our unique message to the world. It was cool to make a new friend. Anyways we said goodbye then proceeded forth to the car wash. Well..... you know how it sprays the car with soap and then the spinny things start to go over the car. Well you also know how when the spinny things start to go over the car it makes the car feel like it is moving. Well anyways at this time the spinny things started going over the car and then we realised "Wait the car feels like it is moving really fast..." well yup that is because someone forgot to put the car in park and had taken her foot of the brake. We rolled out of the carwash with soap still all over the car.... Talk about embarrassing! We had no idea what to do. It isn't like we could back back in, nor could we drive off with all the soap on the car.... Luckily our new friend (thank goodness we had talked to him for like 20 mintues) came out and backed us back in and restarted the wash for us. He was so nice about it... Then a couple minutes later the dryer that moves over the car also got stuck and it kept us from moving out so he had to come back and manually start the wash again so the dryer would go... yup soooooo embarrassing! No worries the car and the wash is all good....
Don't worry folks I promise I'm a good driver! Also Im not a blonde haha.
well yup that is my week. it was good. It will be very very interesting to see what happens this week!
Love you all!
Sister Boiteux

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