Sunday, April 27, 2014

How it is..

Hello family! This week has literally FLOWN by! It is nuts! Honestly I dont know hwere the time is going. AH!! Sister Clegg and I are working as hard as ever and have seen soooo many amazing miracles! We have so many fun adventures which keep the work fun.
So I will just give an accounting of my days I suppose
*Monday: P-day which was as crazy s ever. We went shopping but I didnt buy anything.
*Tuesday: We had exchanges with the chinese speaking sisters. So guess what? I got to go to the City! The sisters in the chinese program dont have an area so they cover both missions. I didnt see the touristy things you're imagining but as we drove into the city I did spot the tip tops of the Harbour Bridge which was sooo cool! But seriously driving in the city was SCARY! Man I felt like I could have been in New York or something. Luckily we survived and made it out alive ha. By the end of the day I had a slight headache from listening to chinese all day but it made me just that more grateful for the language that I was called to speak... english yayy :)
*Wednesday: We had exchanges back at my old area BANKSTOWN! I worked with Sister Perez again which was fun but it was weird being back there ha. We have both grown a lot in the past 3 weeks so it was fun to work together again and see that growth in one another. One fun part of that day was we met an old italian couple and started talking to them. They were so cute! They didnt speak very good english but none the less we struck up a conversation. The old lady, Agnus, asked if we would like a lemon. We said sure and so she went and pulled some off her tree and came pack with TEN! She just started stuffing themn in our bag and then she went and cut these BEAUTIFUL flowers of her bush and gave them to us too. We felt so loved. Gramma Shirley I will attach a pic so if you know the name of it you can tell me :) They didn't understand much of what we said but I hope that in someway they ccould feel the power of our message.
*Thursday: finally back in the SHIRE! We had sad news though. We learned that one of our investigators who we hoped would get baptised soon is moving four hours north (which is in the north mission) so we cant see her anymore. We were so sad. The whole ward is sad! She has been investigating a really long time and is a "dry mormon" meaning she keeps all the commandments and teachings and yet isn't baptised. We will miss ehr so much. Luckily Thursday night we had a really inspired lesson with her about the first vision and we had her write down her testimony as we played soft piano music. We all got really emotional. It was a really good lesson...
Also totally random but on thursday I saw my first Huntsman spider ahhh!
*Friday: such an entertaining day! Elder Harry who is from Venautu scaled the church building to grab another huntsmen. He knocked it to the ground and then picked it up saying "beautiful beautiful" all 6 of us in our district plus the Assistants to the Presidnet who were with us for our meeting ran out to watch all of this. After Elder Harry proceeded to kill the spider, which was sooo sad to me, we all turned to go back in the church realising that we had locked ourselves out and all our stuff in. Meaning our phones, car keys, and keys to the chapel! We tried every window and door to see if we could get in somehow. And to make it better it was raining ha. Finally our district leader realised he actually did have his cellphone so they called the ward clerk to come let us in so we could actually have our meeting ha. It was so funny. 

Well that is as far as I got to write in my notebook to write on an email so I will just tell you know that the best part of this week was how inspired our palnning has been. Sister Clegg and I are really working by the spirit. It feels so good to knwo that the Lord is using us as His instruments. Sometimes we feel so inadequate for our callings but we know that the Lord has qualified us for His work.
Well I love you all heaps!
Have a great week!
Sister Boiteux

Monday, April 21, 2014

On the Road Again

Oh my goodness life is CRAZY!
This has been a hectic week here in the mission. For one President Lew was admitted into the hospital. If you can all keep him and his family in your prayers our whole mission would really appreciate it. Right now his two counsellors and the Assistants to the President are trying to do everything President did. It is crazy! But other than Presidents news this week was good for Sister Clegg and I.
I had my first exchanges with the sisters on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really fun actually! I love working with all the different sisters I have learned so much! I think most of all I have seen the growth and change in myself. I love seeing how the Lord takes us imperfect and weak human beings and He helps qualify us to help Him in his work, which is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man. I love being a missionary...seriously!
Celebrating Easter yesterday it really touched me about how much the Saviour must have really loved us in order to die for us. I can't even imagine, but nevertheless he did. It made me really sad on Saturday night when I saw people drinking and throwing these huge parties and not really focusing on the real reason we celebrate Easter. Not for the Easter Bunny, or the Easter eggs, but for Him. For our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Sister Clegg and I read the story of his Atonement Saturday night together in the gospels and it was so powerful.
I think one of my favourite events from this week was... teaching our new investigator Tony. He is 89 years old and just the cutest old man ever ha. He is catholic but he agrees with everything we teach him. He loved the Joseph Smith story and he understands it but he is just afraid to change. That would be really hard to change a religion you've been apart of for 89 years. I had to stop and tell myself "okay Sister Boiteux you aren't the one who has to change him, that is the Holy Ghosts job. Just teach and testify and have faith that the spirit will teach through you." I think I had to tell myself that about 5 times until I actually had faith in it. This gospel is just so good I want everyone to have it sometimes I wish I could take away agency, it would be SO much easier haha, but we can't. That is the beauty of the gospel it is all our own personal choice.
The members here are all really great. I am loving working in the Shire! I wish I had time to write down more things to tell you but frankly I have no time anymore. But that is good.
Well I love you all heaps. Sorry this was kind of a short/boring letter but the work must go on. Tonight we are traveling back to Bankstown to do exchanges with two more companionships. So exciting! Well love you all heaps and hope you have a good rest of your Easter Sunday!
Sister Boiteux

Monday, April 14, 2014

2 Weeks worth of pictures

 go there!

Ugh I am the worst! Once again I don't really know what to say ha. This week has been HECTIC AS!! I don't think I've ever gone to bed so exhausted in my life. My new companion Sister Clegg is also from Utah. She is an amazing sister and I am grateful she is my trainer on all things Sister Training Leader. She is a good example to me. We are still learning how to be a companionship together though. It is funny because we served in the same district back in Parramatta and we always joked around that we would be companions one day but never really believed it. And now here we are 9 months later as companions. Weird... It has been really fun though. I miss Bankstown but Sutherland is beautiful! I love this area. I love seeing the ocean and smelling the ocean. Just being out of the city and a little bit more into nature is fun for me.
Today was fun we woke up at 5:30 and went with a member to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Unfortunately it was cloudy so we didn't see much of the sun rise but it was still cool to see the waves crashing against the cliffs. It was cold as though! Brrr.. winter is slowing rolling in. Afterwards we went to see where Captain Cook landed (he is the person who found and colonized Australia). It was really cool! We raced back home just in time for our morning studies! 
This past week we saw many miracles. One of my favourites is about prayer! Sister Clegg and I had to go to this little shop and we decided to park our car and walk there. Before we left our car we offered a prayer to Heavenly Father that He would place in our path someone who He had prepared to hear the gospel. Not even 5 minutes later we found him. It was so funny Sister Clegg and I were deep in conversation and the first person who walked past us was this man. We awkwardly dropped off talking and just said "hello" he looked at us and then said "Oh hello Sister Clegg!" My goodness her face was priceless, I'm sure mine was too. I guess this man had investigated the church a few months back with soem of the other sisters who use to serve here. He had gone to the ward Christmas party and remembered everyone. We talked with him and got a return appointment. We just had our first lesson with him last night. It wasn't our best lesson together but we did our best. Luckily we were able to get another appointment for later this week. So it was cool! Miracles happen! Even more than that after we said bye to him we kept walking and started talking to another man. He had tats all over his body, multiple body piercing and just looked scary. Anyother time and I probably wouldn't have said hello. But as we started talking to him he really opened up and told us his story and why he doesn't believe in God. We testified of the love Heavenly Father has for us and of restored truths. We got his number but he never replied. Hopefully in some way we helped him draw closer to God. You know one important thing I have really learned is that EVERYONE HAS A STORY! Before we judge someone lets first learn their story. You never know why someone is the way they is. But one thing is certain.. no matter who you are or what you do we are ALL beloved children of God. 
I know that you probably all listened to conference this past week. Wasn't it just amazing!? I loved it!!! If you hadn't had the opportunity to do so I strongly encourage you to go listen to those talks. For those of you who aren't members you can go to our church website at and find the link for the conference talks there. Do it! :) 
I have seriously loved my mission. Yesterday we were talking to President and in his office he has this little closet called "The Coffin" in it is the pictures of all the missionaries who will "die" this year. Meaning all of us who go home in the next year. Since I go home in December I am in there. When I saw my picture in the coffin I wanted to cry. It made me so sad. I am excited to go home in 9 months to see my family but at the same time I dread not being a missionary anymore. I love wearing this badge. Don't get me wrong there are many moments I just want to give up but the thing is I don't because I know that this is where I need to be and I know that if we just endure and push that much harder to become that much better than we will see the changing power of the Atonement in our lives. 
As Easter is upon us I hope that you will all take time to reflect and ponder on the effect of the Atonement of our Saviour Jesus Christ in your life. He has done so much for us. Without Him and His everlasting sacrifice we simply would not have hope. And without hope there would be no happiness. 
Well folks, now I am just ranting. I don't know what more to say. I love this area. I love this work. I love my calling. I love it all!
Have a great week!!!!

Sister Boiteux