Monday, April 21, 2014

On the Road Again

Oh my goodness life is CRAZY!
This has been a hectic week here in the mission. For one President Lew was admitted into the hospital. If you can all keep him and his family in your prayers our whole mission would really appreciate it. Right now his two counsellors and the Assistants to the President are trying to do everything President did. It is crazy! But other than Presidents news this week was good for Sister Clegg and I.
I had my first exchanges with the sisters on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really fun actually! I love working with all the different sisters I have learned so much! I think most of all I have seen the growth and change in myself. I love seeing how the Lord takes us imperfect and weak human beings and He helps qualify us to help Him in his work, which is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man. I love being a missionary...seriously!
Celebrating Easter yesterday it really touched me about how much the Saviour must have really loved us in order to die for us. I can't even imagine, but nevertheless he did. It made me really sad on Saturday night when I saw people drinking and throwing these huge parties and not really focusing on the real reason we celebrate Easter. Not for the Easter Bunny, or the Easter eggs, but for Him. For our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Sister Clegg and I read the story of his Atonement Saturday night together in the gospels and it was so powerful.
I think one of my favourite events from this week was... teaching our new investigator Tony. He is 89 years old and just the cutest old man ever ha. He is catholic but he agrees with everything we teach him. He loved the Joseph Smith story and he understands it but he is just afraid to change. That would be really hard to change a religion you've been apart of for 89 years. I had to stop and tell myself "okay Sister Boiteux you aren't the one who has to change him, that is the Holy Ghosts job. Just teach and testify and have faith that the spirit will teach through you." I think I had to tell myself that about 5 times until I actually had faith in it. This gospel is just so good I want everyone to have it sometimes I wish I could take away agency, it would be SO much easier haha, but we can't. That is the beauty of the gospel it is all our own personal choice.
The members here are all really great. I am loving working in the Shire! I wish I had time to write down more things to tell you but frankly I have no time anymore. But that is good.
Well I love you all heaps. Sorry this was kind of a short/boring letter but the work must go on. Tonight we are traveling back to Bankstown to do exchanges with two more companionships. So exciting! Well love you all heaps and hope you have a good rest of your Easter Sunday!
Sister Boiteux

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