Monday, May 26, 2014

Lifting for Christ

Howdy family! 
Sorry I wasn't able to get on yesterday. We had a mission conference with our mission president and an area seventy. It was a great conference and was all about gaining the trust of those we work with and how to really focus on our missionary purpose and not be YSA. It was an amazing conference and something our mission really needed.  Below I have included what I wrote to my mission president in my weekly email to him:

I really enjoyed the mission conference. I went with the question "What more can I do for the Lord?" and my question was definitely answered. It made me just itch to go out and work, work, work. Sometimes as missionaries we get in the rut of doing the same thing over and over again and we forget that it is important to set a new goal everyday to improve. If we aren't setting personal goals of improvement all we are doing is digressing. So this week I plan to set a new goal each day on how I can stretch myself to help lift this area. As I was just talking with Sister Clegg so pointed something out to me. Yesterday at the end of conference I stood and said "My companion and I will be an answer to someones prayers". Well when we got back to our area and went to work two people said just that. We went to an older members home to see how we could help and she was extremely frustrated because she could not figure out how to upload the pictures of her ancestors onto we told her we could help and showed her how to do it. She said to us "How did you know  that I needed your help today?" And Sister Clegg replied "We didn't but the Lord did." It was important for her to get her family work updated. Then we went to another members hows to seek referrals and she told us that when she was riding the train home from school she had a missionary opportunity but missed it because she was scared. We gave her some ideas on what she could say next time and helped her faith increase in the power of her testimony. She said "I was praying to know how I could improve in doing missionary work". It was such a miracle filled day. I'm glad that my revelation received from mission conference came true just hours after I received it, and it won't stop there. We will continue to go and answer the prayers of Gods children.

 The area is progressing. We will work to achieve the goal of 5 new investigators a week and 1 baptism per month. I have faith we can do it. I am so grateful for my companion! With every companion that I've had I have had to learn a new Christ-like attribute. The attribute I think I am meant to acquire with Sister Clegg is humility. I'm grateful for this opportunity to learn from her and I hope that she is learning from me to. Our companionship is working more in unity than it has before. We are starting to be more on the same wavelength on what we need to do, the reason being is we are completely focusing on what our investigators need to hear to progress. We always comment on how our planning has been really inspired lately. We visit most people we plan for and the lessons we plan are usually exactly what our investigators, and less actives need to hear. Of course there are moments when everything falls through our we have to quickly change what we teach in a lesson, but for the most part it is pretty spot on. It makes the work much more joyful when I can see that we are doing what the Lord wants us to do. There are moments of disappointment where I am just done with the world but I am grateful for those moments because I can reflect and grow from the bad experiences and more fully enjoy the good. 
I know that this is where I need to be right now in my life. I know that this is our Fathers work and that I am called my a prophet of God to share it with the world. This is not my 18 months but it is completely His. I'm grateful that He will let me give 18 months completely  to Him so that I can learn how to give my life to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
President you have no idea how much I admire you and Sister Palmer. I am so grateful that the Lord gave you two to our mission for however long you are here. I have learned a lot from your examples on what the Lord expects of me and how I can truly become converted. 
I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Boiteux

so yes that was my email to him. One other miracle I want to include is that we have an investigator, Marcela, from Chile. She and her family are the cutest thing ever! I just love them! Sister Clegg has been teaching her for over 6 months! She has never known God or anything about him so it has been slow going. Especially with her reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it. So we decided with her that everyday we would send her a scripture of the day from the Book of Mormon. It made us so happy because on Friday we forgot to text her a new scripture and she texted us and said "hey how are you? Do you have my scripture of the day for me?" It made us soooooo happy. Because it showed she is reading them and enjoying them. So we sent her one and continue to do so. It is amazing because just a couple weeks ago she wasn't completely open to us but she has been softened soooo much in just a short time. The Lord is truly amazing in how he does his work. 
Another example. So yesterday we had some time to spare so we went to visit a less active who was busy. So we decided to knock some doors. Behind door number one (which I choose) was a grumpy old lady who said "not now i'm busy. Bye" and shut the door. Then Sister Clegg said "hey lets try that door" pointing across the street. So we went and knocked it. It was this old vietnamese man named Danny. Danny wasn't very interested because he is so busy but he said that he use to listen to two boys from our church over 10 years ago. So 10 years ago Danny was an investigator. We gave him our number and he said he will call us if he ever has people who would want to meet us. Although Danny wasn't interested it was no coincidence that we knocked on the door of a former investigator. They say it takes people 7 times to come in contact with the church before they join it. Our purpose last night was to simply get him up the scale of 7. Seriously I LOVE being an instrument in the Lords hands!
Well I will stop now because I know that this email is super long ha. I love you all heaps! 

Sister Ashley Boiteux

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