Monday, May 19, 2014

Sticking with Sister Clegg!!!

So first off sorry this email is so wack this week. The reason being I dont have much time so I am copying and pasting parts from my weekly email to President Palmer to all of you while adding more ha. So first off I am staying here in Sutherland with Sister Clegg for another 6 weeks which I am absolutely thrilled about. Also we learned that a new new mission president has been assigned to our mission and he will stay for the full 3 months. He is called to be set apart at the first of July. It is President and Sister Beck from Utah. So until they obtain a visa and get here we will continue to have President and Sister Palmer. It is sad they have to leave because they are simply AMAZING! But I know we will love our new mission president just as much. It is hard to have so many new Presidents and their wives because they truly become your mission mom and dad. Anyways....
This week has been a fantastic week for me. I truly am loving serving the Lord and fulfilling my ministry as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Everyday so many miracles occur. One of those miracles was one of our investigators has really injured his knee and we asked him if he'd like a priesthood blessing, to which he quickly replied a sounding YES! When the brethren in the ward went and gave him one his partner texted us as told us that Terry had said he felt really good, really different. It was something we were praying for that he could feel something he could recognise himself as the spirit. We have also had a lot of success in asking for referrals. We have one couple in our ward that is just so excited to help us in the work. We made a return appointment for dinner with them and asked them to pray for the opportunity to invite someone else to come that we can teach during that dinner appointment. They were really excited and eager to accept the challenge. Hopefully they continue to pray for those opportunities. 

The area is progressing. This past week was the best week Sister Clegg and I have had together so far and we hope that it continues to increase. We will work towards that. It is so fun to ask for referrals and to talk to everyone! This past week we went to a little place called Bundeena. In order to get there we had to take a little ferry ride. On the ride we met a cute little Japanese woman who is visiting the country with her husband for his work. While he was at a meeting she was out exploring. We got talking to her. However our conversation was interrupted because we were informed that a dolphin was swimming at the boats front so sister Clegg and I rushed over and we had the BEST spot! The dolphin was swimming along with the ferry at the front and kept rolling over on its belly and just looked so happy down in the crystal clear blue water. It was so cool and soooo beautiful! Sister Clegg was freaking out bcause it was the first dolphin she has seen in the wild. It was pretty legit! Well anyways when we finally arrived at our destination (which is BEAUTIFUL by the way) Junko, the japanese woman, came up to us and she asked us where she could grab a bit to eat. We pointed her to a cafe down the road and than said goodbye. As we started walking away we had the impression to go join her, so we ran back and asked her if we could actually join her for a while. So we got a drink and proceeded to naturally talk with her. She wasnt really religious but she knew a little about a church because when she was younger two elders taught her english. She has also visited Utah for her husbands work. She wasn't super interested but we did get her up the scale of 7. We left her a plan of salvation pamphlet and our number and then said farewell. I hope she will read that pamphlet and start asking questions. She was a very sweet woman. I love little tender mercies like that!
My companion, Sister Clegg, is simply amazing! I love her ability to follow every prompting. She is a powerhouse in this work. I'm very grateful I will be with her for another transfer because I was really worried we'd be split. I still have so much to learn from her and so much I want to do both with our companionship and with our area. We have a lot of potential to do greater things together in this area. It is really exciting! We love our calling as Sister Training Leaders and after every exchange we talk about the things we learned on how we can improve. It is amazing that the Lord places us in these position not to lead but to be lead by the example of others. As we constantly seek to improve and grow closer to Christ those under our authority will see that example. 
I know that this gospel is a gospel of change, and that change comes from service. If we wish to be more like Christ is requires action and hard work and sincere and earnest prayer. The Book of Mormon is the means in which we can learn what we need to work on in our life and how we should act and feel towards our fellow man. The living prophets and apostles are examples that we can follow, along with our various leaders. As I watch them it helps me strive to be and do better too. I know that these 18 months are the foundation of how I need to act when I someday go back to the "bigger mission" I am learning so many new skills and things that will benefit me and my family not only for this life but for far into the eternities. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity!
Well I think that is all that I really know what to say. I could also tell you about our adventure in cleaning our flat... yeah that was fun. Sister Clegg cleaned out the shower drain and it was the grossest thing I've ever seen in my life..... lets just say that it was A LOT of really old girl hair that had been collecting for hair, along with shampoo and conditioner that got stuck on the way. Yuck! I am cleaning the inside of our oven today which is almost just as gross ha. But it is almost sparkling now. Mom you'd be so pleased ha. I actually really love cleaning! It helps relax me actually becaseu I can just focus on the work at hand. Umm... yup I love being a missionary! Can't believe I've been out 10 months it is nuts! Well love you all have a great week!
Sister Ashley Boiteux


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