Sunday, June 15, 2014

Don't look beyond the mark!

Seriously sometimes I dread writing these weekly emails because I always have so much to say and don't know what to put down in the short time I have haha. So this week has been good, crazy but good. 
So first off I apologise if my emails tend to be preachy, boring, and dry haha. I just love the gospel! I realise that I am a missionary and just super into that stuff but hey I just want to share my insights with you all ha. Sister Clegg and I talked about how emails should be fun for you to read ha. So let me know how I can improve on that front ha. So any ways I'll start with the miracles. First off.. Tony. So Monday night we went to see him again and when he got there he said "Sisters have you eaten yet? You always feed my soul so I want to feed your bodies." Haha it was so cute. He made us a cold chicken meal with vegetables and mashed potatoes. It was actually pretty delicious. He said cooking for us made him feel like his wife was back, it was so cute. He gets lonely sometimes. We talked with him and then invited him to do a chapel tour with us that Saturday. Saturday rolled around and we did indeed have a chapel tour. He really enjoyed it but he is still so stuck up in his ways. I think it will take him a while to realise all that we are saying but he really does sincerely desire to know if our message is true. I can't wait to tell you more about him in person because I can't explain it all over email. He usually takes his friend Doug to the grave yard on Sunday mornings so he can visit his wifes plot and then they have lunch together but he took Doug on Friday instead and said "Doug this is your Sunday meal for today I can't bring you on Sunday." The reason being he came to the mormon church. He enjoyed it but was upset we didn't celebrate the Pentecost. He left church right after priesthood so we didn't have an opportunity to follow up so we will go back later and see him. Also we are doing exchanges different in our mission so we do it like the elders now. So on Thursday I worked here in the Shire with a different sister, she is amazing. I learned heaps from her! We saw so many miracles and have a potential to work with. Sometimes it is so scary to open our mouth in this area, the people are so intimidating. Sister Clegg and I made a pinky promise to each other that we will be better at finding and that we won't fear man more than God. 
This past week we also  had a cool experience with our planning. So during daily planning Thursday night we were going to be in a far away suburb to visit a part member family, then we planned a first backup for someone in that area in case our appointment fell through. Well for our second backup we felt prompted to write down another part-member family but they lived 20 minutes away in a different suburb. We didn't really know why we felt prompted to write them down knowing it require us going out of our way to get there, but nevertheless we wrote it down.  Well the next day comes and we had both our appointments fall through so we looked at each other and knew we had to go to our second backup plan.  When we got there we knocked on the door and they were so surprised to see us! They are both very busy what with working full time and have two small children so they are never home. The husband, who is a less active member, started crying telling us how grateful he was that he had been sent to visit his family. We were able to talk with him and his wife and discern how we and the ward can help them. It was a very humbling moment to realise that the Lord really did take part in helping us to plan. It was awesome! 
I absolutely love my companion and am dreading transfers in the upcoming weeks. I dont want us to be separated..
She is a great example to me. She is a very diligent missionary, and works hard even when she isn't feeling well. For the past couple of days she has had a really bad headache (I think from a lack of drinking water-we are working on that) but she never complained and just kept working. It really motivated me to do and be better too. We are working well together. It is funny as we walked here to email it is POURING rain.... and we were walking under a ginormous rainbow umbrella that a member lent to us.. we wondered if we were giving off the wrong impression sooooo I walked in the rain haha. Sometimes we are goofs together ha. We have joy in the work. 
The funny of the week is that we have this investigator that sees subliminal messaging in EVERYTHING!!! He told us that the reason most cartoons have big heads and big eyes is because it is training us to believe in aliens and that someday the powerful people of the world will come out and say that they are aliens and that they have been controlling us this whole time (sounds a lot like the book "The Host" to me). Is is sad that people see EVIL in everything. They are looking beyond the mark just as the Jews did in the time of Christ (Jacob 4:14).  Yikes lets be careful to not believe that we are being controlled by aliens..... 

Another funny is we were talking to member and he was telling Sister Clegg that when she goes home she needs to stand at the pulpit and say "It is so damn good to be home, it was hot as hell in Australia" (because in Australia those are not bad words at all and people say them all the time) we busted up and realised that would be funny butttt probably not the brightest idea what with all the kids and everything... so I thought I'd spare you that and say it right now haha. It would be pretty funny though. It is weird how somethings are so similar but then others are so different from here to home.

Well folks I love you and hope that you have a great week! Sorry if I dont always get to email you each individually but just know that I DO LOVE YOU!!! 

Sister Ashley Boiteux

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