Monday, June 23, 2014

Picture Week

Hi family.
Well honestly I dont feel all that in the mood to write a long email today. It has been a hectic day. So I think I will mostly just send pictures this time and explain each one. 

1-3. On exchanges with our amazing sisters! We worked with the Hurstville and Mortdale sisters this past week and they are amazing. We saw so many miracles with them. One was cool when I was working with Sister Palmer. We went to visit one of her investigators and she said she knew where to go but she accidentally took us the wrong way (we turned left on this one street and we were supposed to turn right). We got to the intersection and she was like "I don't understand how I got lost, I know it is on this street" as she said that I looked up and saw a woman walking down the street with her young son and I had the fleeting thought of "we didn't come down this way by coincidence, Sister Palmer brought us here for a reason." After I thought that I brushed it aside and looked at the map book to see where we were. I figured out where we needed to go and we were about to leave when the woman called out "girls are you lost, do you need help?" We asked her if she knew where this street was (but I had just figured it out but wanted to talk to her haha) and she said yes and pointed us where to go. We thanked her and then started talking to her. She wasn't religious. Her mom was very athiest growing up and she said her husband was pretty much the same way. We started talking about families and Gods plan for us. She started crying as she told us her mom had just passed away. We bore testimony to her and asked if we could come back. Sister Palmer asked her for her contact info. and  She said she'd read the pamphlet and get back to us. We bore testimony again and then Sister Palmer asked for her phone number and this time she said "i'll tell you what here is my address (gives us address) and you can come friday afternoon." SOOO COOLLLL!!! It was such a miracle. Now I need to follow up with Sister Palmer on how it went.. I hope they picked her and her family up as new investigators. It was such a miracle. Never doubt a thought, we were placed there for a reason.

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