Monday, June 2, 2014

Tender Mercies of The Lord

Hey family! So this week has been hectic! We have had some pretty amazing things going on in our area. We've had so many miracles and tender mercies, a few of which I want to share with you. So Sister Clegg and I have an investigator named Tony who is 89 years old. We have meet with him 4 times and 3 of those 4 times we have taught the restoration. He just doesnt get it. He has been catholic his whole 89 years and he goes to mass EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Talk about devot. Well anyways last Sunday he came to our ward fireside on family history work and he really loved it! So on Thursday we went to see him again and followed up. We began talking and of course the convo went towards the restoration but this time we took a different approach. We talked about how through the priesthood we can work for our deceased family members and friends, that is why we do family history work. Usually you don't talk about baptism for the dead that much until they are baptised but we felt prompted to. I had my Plan of Salvation cut outs so we talked about the Plan of Salvation and work for the dead. He loved it! He was asking questions about his wife who died 6 years ago. At the end he said it went along with what he has always thought but it still leaves him with a lot to pray about. He said he would pray about it. He also thanked us for the example we have set of sincere prayer. In the Catholic church they offer many recited prayers and Tony said he had never really thought of prayer to be something so sincere and he said ever since he has meet us he has really tried to make his prayers more like ours. It was so tender and cute. He also thanked us for being modest and good example setting young woman haha. He is our favourite old man ever! He has a best friend named Doug that he just smashes (or always talks about the problems Doug has) everytime we go over it is so funny! We love Doug and Tony they are the funniest duo. We have never actually met Doug but that is totally fine it makes their stories way more funny in our heads ha. Okay enough about Tony.
The next cute experience is with Marcela. I LOVE MARCELA! Marcela is from Chili and lives with her partner Terry who we also teach and her two kids. Sister Clegg has been teaching Marcela and her family since she has been her (about 7 months). On Sunday Marcela and her family were able to come to church because they finally got a new car, a hot pink car Marcela loves!! She and the kids were so happy to be there and her partner Terry is amazing to, although he isn't progressing as much as Marcela, but he will :) anyways later that night we went to a members house with them for dinner and a lesson. We asked Marcela how her prayers were and if it has helped her draw closer to God. She said not really with prayer but she said that when she reads the Book of Mormon she feels something good. For the past two weeks Sister Clegg and I have sent her a scripture of the day from the Book of Mormon. Everyday we prayer about a scripture that would be good for Marcela to read that day and then we send it to her in a text. She said she doesn't always understand the scipture so she'll call one of her friends who will explain it to her in spanish. It was so cool to see the spirit working in her. We committed her to pray before and after she reads and to really pay attention to her feelings. It was so cool when she said that she feels something good when she reads! The Book of Mormon is true! Not only that but it was an answer to our fast. The last tender mercy is this...
So a couple of weeks ago as we waited to get on the ferry to go to visit some of our investigators we sat and talked with this man. It started out as a casual conversation but of course immediately moved into the gospel. By the end of it we had his contact info. Unfortunately for us he lives outside of our area so we passed him over to the Liverpool sisters, Sister Paki and Sister Harris and they have begun teaching him. Well a couple of days ago we got this random text
"Hi Sisters Boiteux and Clegg.
 I should have sent this days ago, but to keep this short I'll just say this: Thanks...thanks for the little chat we had at Cronulla last week. Through that I met three others of your faith who have turned out to be such nice people. Sisters Harris and Paki, who introduced me to Raymond (a member), have been so giving of themselves and their time. But I just thought you should know something of the result of your efforts at Cronulla in that I'm presently sitting here alone in my factory reading a little of John Smith (he meant Jospeh haha) in the Book of Mormon. Just thought you might like to know.
When Sister Clegg and I read this we both wanted to cry. It touched our hearts. We hear all the time that no effort is ever wasted but most of the time we never will know the results of those efforts, but to have someone actually tell us thank you for doing no more than inviting them to learn and leaving them a Restoration pamphlet means a lot. I have such a strong testimony that no effort is ever wasted when that effort is to do and be good.
Now that we are doing a different way of exchanges, by bringing the sisters to our area, we feel strong urge to go out and to find those elect brothers and sisters of ours. We need a larger teaching pool in order to help our area and our investigators will the rotating faces of sisters that they will see each week. We have faith that the Lord will provide a way so long as we are willing to obey his command to forget ourselves, our fears and anxieties, and just invite invite invite.
I love this work. There is absolutely nothing else I would rather do with my time. Last night I had a really interesting experience with hearing some new doctrine that I have never heard before. It really shook me and my companion and I had to call our mission presdient and talk with him about it. He talked us through it and at the end I had to do some personal internalising of my testimony and I realised, probably for the first time ever, the strength of my testimony. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of God. Nothing can change the conviction of that knowledge I have. My testimony is my most precious possession. I'm very grateful for that experience that I had yesterday.
The Lord does nothing in secret. The prophets tell us the truth and tell us the things that are nesessary for our salvation. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is indeed the the President of the Lords true church. He, along with all the general authorites of the church, lead and guide us today. I know he is the only being who holds all the keys of the priesthood to lead and guide this church. I know that God lives and that he loves us. He has a body like me and he is my father. I know that it is my responsibility and duty as a member of his church to share this knowledge with the world. And you know what you all should too. To find ourselves we must lose ourselves!
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Boiteux


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