Monday, June 23, 2014

Week of Miracles!

Here we go once again. Seriously I always dread writing these weekly emails because there is always SOOOOO much to say it is nuts!!!!! This week has been seriously on of the greatest weeks on my mission! I have been so blessed to be apart of all the miracles I have seen this week.  The one below is one that I wrote to my mission president, thus the font is a bit funky but oh well what do you do ha....
We have made so many spiritual experiences and miracles lately. My favourite was when I was on exchanges with Sister Ziegner. We went to visit a referral who wasn't home and before we left we decided to just go knock on the neighbors door. Well this cute woman answered. Her name is Helen. Helen is from Ireland and moved here with her partner for his work. We began teaching her on the doorstep and she told us she hadn't really grown up religious but she now believes in God. The reason being when her 6 month old son was born he was born with a cleft lip and during his surgery she prayed and prayed. She said as she waited in the waiting room that she knew God was protecting her little boy. We bore testimony to her and got a return appointment. The return appointment went really well and she is really interested. We are going back tomorrow for a full lesson and will extend the baptismal invitation. She is very sweet. But it was such a miracle to see that all good thoughts truly come from our Father in Heaven.
The other cool miracle we had was when I was back with Sister Clegg. We had the prompting during nightly planning to try our Bishops old flat (he recently moved) and to visit the new tenants. Well we pushed the buzzer to get into the compound but no luck.. we figured they were at work. Before we left Sister Clegg on a last ditch effort she randomly pushed a buzzer and then turned around to walk away when "BEEEPP" The buzzer for the door went off to let us in but we were so surprised we missed it. We awkwardly stood there wondering what to do when "BEEEEPPP" it went again. But because we were so engaged in our conversation of what to do we missed it...again. This time we were just sad TWICE we missed an opportunity. The weird part was nobody had come over the intercom asking who it was. Well as we stood by the door once again talking about the peculiarity of it all the buzzer went off a third time. This time we caught the door before it latched again. We were in. We went to the door of the flat and knocked.. and then waited. We heard kids goofing off inside and realised that they had been the ones to let us in. We discussed what to do because the parents were probably oblivious. We knocked again but the kids couldn't open the door. Finally the mom answered. We awkwardly began talking to her but then it became a natural conversation. She was a really cute lady. She is aborginal which is awesome. She invited us in and we taught a mini restoration lesson. We talked about bishop and his family and told her how he is the bishop of our church and she was so shocked and said "no wonder he was always so happy and nice. I always knew there was something different about him." It was cool to see the influence that members have on those around them. If bishop hadnt been such a great example who knew if she would have let us in. She said she would try to come to church (but she didn't) but we will try to go visit her tomorrow as well. She said she is christian and has been thinking of going back to a church for her family but has just been lazy. So hopefully we can get her to come to our church, the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. It was just such a legit experience! All from buzzing a random buzzer.

We also had interviews with President this past week which went well. We just learned that our NEW NEW mission president and his wife, President and Sister Back, have received their visas so they will be here on Saturday. We will miss President and Sister Palmer they have been great for our mission. I have been blessed so serve with such amazing examples of disciples of Jesus Christ. I learned a lot from President and Sister Lew and from President and Sister Palmer and I am positive it will be no less with President and Sister Back.

Today I am super excited we should be going to this 90 year old mans house because he lived in Holland during WW2 and was 17 during the start of it. He was part of the resistance during the war and hide Jewish people and would help get them out of the country. He has some CRAZY stories! We borrowed a voice recorder from one of the elders and we are going to record his stories. We are so excited and so is he. He isn't to interested in the gospel right now but we are sure that once he sees how interested we are in his stories and how much we care (which we truly do) maybe he will warm up to hearing the gospel. I am so excited!!! 

Well I still have SOOO much I could share with you but I dont have time to write it all and Im sure yoour getting tired of reading it all haha. 
I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Wish us luck!

Sister Ashley Boiteux
At a members for dinner and we brought Tony along :)

Sutherland District

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