Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello family and friends,
This was another long long week packed full of events. So biggest news! Joanne gets baptised this Saturday and then she will be confirmed a member on Sunday and her two boys are going to be blessed! We are so excited for her. She is so dang amazing! She has been the biggest miracle on my mission. Honestly we call her our "celestial sponge" because she just soaks the gospel right up and then APPLIES it! She is simply amazing. We will see her every day this week as we help her to prepare for that. We also have our last two exchanges with the sisters we cover this week so that will be good. It is nice to get those done so we can just "relax" and focus on our area. You know every night at planning it is hard to know what to do with all the time we are given, but the next day when we go out and exercise faith the day is always filled. Somehow. It is amazing, we always see miracles. That is one thing I am very grateful for.
Yesterday after church we went to lunch at the Relief Society presidents house. As we were walking up to the door we saw this couple whos battery on their car had died. We told the other sisters to go ahead and tell the Kings we would be late and we went and got our car to help jump their battery. However we didnt have jumper cables so we called Br. King and he came out with his and this other man helped as well. We just talked to this couple. The husband was Kiwi and talked with Bro. King and they struck up a relationship right away since they are both Mouri. It was cool. This woman hadnt seen missionaries before so we just told her what we do. At the end we said goodbye on good terms. Last minute we ran back and gave them our number and a card and told them to call us if they need anything. They dont live in our area but we told them we can send missionaries to them. It was just cool to see the impact that service can have.
I had a personal experience this week that really built my testimony of the power of the Atonement. All of you should read the book "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister it is fantastic. It teaches so clearly the doctrine of the Atonement. It is the most misunderstood doctrine in all religious beliefs. If people really understood what Christ did for us that is was more than just feeling our pains and overcoming sin and death, much more in fact. But if they, we, truly understood it and apply it man this would be a very different world, we would be a very different people.  This gospel is true, it really is.
This week we had a funny. We went to the coast for a whale watching activity for the ward. Sadly we saw no whales but the view was fantastic. But as we were all sitting on the cliffs watching for whales we looked over across from us and Joannes four year old son had pulled his pants down to his ankles and was just peeing in front of everyone with no shamewhat soever. It was then followed by a hard effort of getting his pants back up. It was so funny! I wish you could have seen it. Sister Vos captured the moment on her camera as Joanne just shook her head in humilation haha. Kids do the darnest things. It made our week it was just so cute. I seriously love their family!
My mission president and his wife are the BEST! They are seriously so cool. We are blessed to have them as our mission mom and dad.
One thing I love out here are good quotes so I will share some with you
"You can never love the Lord, unless you serve Him, and you serve Him by serving His Children"
-President Monson
""If you don't notice the little miracles why would God give us the big miracles"
-some sisters I serve with
"Faith is the factor that allows us to break down the hearts of men"
-president Back
What would your quote be? I love you all and hope you see many mighty miracles!
Sister Boiteux


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