Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Well I really need to get in the habit again of writing out what I want to say to you. Starring at a blank white screen and knowing I have to tell you all about my week, and come up with something inspirational is quite intimidating... however I think I can do it ;)
This week was like any other week however the week end was pretty darn amazing! Why you ask? Well JOANNE GOT BAPTISED! It was probably one of the most sacred moments of my life to see her enter the waters of baptism. She was just so happy! Her testimony brought many tears to the forefront. After her baptism we went to her place for dinner and watched 17 Miracles. She cried like a baby, it was boss! We all cried during that movie, it is a tearjerker. Anyways she offered the closing prayer and that made us all cry even more. You dont ever realize the role you have in someones life until you hear them pray to God about it. It was quite humbling. There is a scripture in Romans, Romans 5:19 I think it is. It says something a long the lines of  one mans disobedience can make many wicked but one mans obedience can make many righteous. Our actions shape the choices of others. We have the opportunity to be a force for good, or evil. There is no middle ground. 
Im working on helping the sisters I live with see that. You can't choose how obedient you will be. You are either willingly EXACTLY obedient (as you know how) or you are disobedient. I am myself increasing in obedience and trying to help my companion do the same. President Back said something interesting in our Mission Leadership Council we had yesterday. He said 50% of returned missionaries go less active/ in active after there mission. 50% that is crazy! The reason being that on the mission they learn how to live a life of disobedience. They find it acceptable to justify going  around the mission "commandments" and so when they get home they do the same with the commandments of keeping the Sabbath day holy, the word of wisdom, law of chastity, etc. We can't pick and choose what commandments we want to keep. Dur dur dur, we all know that....

Another reason this week was good because one of my investigators in my last area, Adel, got baptised as well. I thought I'd never live (as a missionary) to see the day. But he did and that is amazing. Unfortunately it was an hour before Joannes so I wasn't able to go. But they both spoke at our Recent Convert Fireside to I got to say congrats to him then. I love seeing the change this gospel brings. 

Hmmm what else... My companion is amazing! We still struggle a lot because we are just sooo different. But she is helping me to become a more positive thinking person and my goal is to be the example and help her live the higher law of obedience. we are pretty optimistic that we will be together for one more transfer. I cant believe time is flying by so fast! Ah!

Also we had a miracle lesson with Marcela, who we havent seen in weeks, and we went with the intention to drop her and ended up learning her concerns and have another return appointment. I am so happy because I love her so much. We are really going to be trying something different in how we teach her so it will be interesting. I really hope that she can come to gain a burning testimony of this church and someday commit to be baptised. 

Well folks I think that is all I can muster for today. I love you all heaps and heaps and hope you have a great week! Share YOUR miracles with me. I'd love to hear them!

Sister Boiteux

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