Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ahoy Matey'

This week just FLEWWWWW by it is so crazy!!!  It freaks me out how quickly time is just flying by!  Transfers are next week and I feel very strongly that I will be transferred and most likely training a new missionary, we will see what happens next week. So I will email next Tuesday.
I just am so grateful for the time I have had here. I may not have seen all the success I wanted to have but I know that I did what the Lord wanted me to do, and that is the greatest feeling of success. Being able to pray and to be accountable to him in a positive way. My testimony has grown 10 fold in this area, especially about the power of prayer and the power of squaring our shoulders and thinking positively. It is funny because I had read my patriarchal blessing so many times before my mission but it hasn't really started to make sense until now.  The Lord really does know me. Sometimes I forget that and I just remind myself that I need to REMEMBER! That is how we lose our testimonies, we stop remembering. We forget the spiritual witnesses we have had that this gospel is true and that Jesus is the Christ. I cry just thinking about all that He has done for me- but then again I am a sook (a cry baby) haha.
This morning Sister Vos and I went to the Kurnell cliffs to watch the sunrise. It was so gorgeous. We just sat and talked about everything and it was so good. I love being with a companion where we can just be so completely opposite in EVERY way and yet it never causes a fight, we always work it out. I have learnt so much about myself from helping her and vice versa. We make a good duo. We are Bos!  We both loved being in nature and seeing all the gifts that God has to give us. We have struggled a lot in our area but as we have diligently continued to go out and work I know that the Lords designs and purposes are being fulfilled. The other day we were getting off the train and this 12 year old girl, who was really bright for her age, asked Sister Vos what she did for work because she saw the badge and we just talked with her. Opened the door for her to learn someday. And just barely as we went to the bathroom we talked with a girl who is talking to people on the streets about childrens cancer institute and she said "hey are you from the church?" she is a member from the north mission but her whole family has gone inactive and she tries to go to church with her grandparents. We just talked with her and asked her if she wanted to serve someday. I dont know but maybe we helped her in someway. Just because our numbers may not show it doesnt mean we aren't being successful. We are successful in the fact that we feel good about what we are doing and the promptings we are following. Just getting Christs name out there is good.  
Well I think this is long enough for this week. Remember be a powerful, and positive, influence for good!

Sister Ashley Boiteux


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