Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Light and Life of the World

This week I don't know what to say... like usual I suppose but I know that the spirit will bring something to my mind to share with you.
To start off many of you may have heard of Sister Levine. She is a sister in our mission, and a dear friend of mine, who was hit by a car and is in stable but critical condition. I thank you for all of you that have kept you and her family in your prayers. It is a miracle that she is doing as well as she is. I know that Gods protecting hand is watching over her.  When things like this happen it really makes you evaluate the life you live and what your priorities are. For me the top of that list is my testimony, followed very closely by my family. I pondered what I would want my last words to my family to be if I were to pass away- I know what a depressing thought but hey considering the situation I couldn't help but think- and my thoughts would go along something like this "you can cry for you but don't cry for me because I know that I am going home to my Father in Heaven and that my work will continue there. Also don't lose the faith because I want you with me but the person who determines that is you". We are agents unto ourselves. The Lord provides the pathway to eternal life but we are the ones who have to walk it and if we let Him He will walk it with us. Life is hard but in the span of eternity it is just so short. And really it isn't that hard when you learn how to have faith in Jesus Christ.  If life were always easy there would be no growth and no opportunity to be refined. We aren't refined into who we need to become without some intense heat and pressure. Embrace it and endure it folks. 
The reason I can be so straightforward in that topic is because I have felt more refinement in the past three months then in all my mission. I have a hate/love relationship with my trials ha. Im grateful for them dont get me wrong but man they are some hard trials God gives. I just always think the harder the climb the greater the view!
I have studied a lot about light and what that means in the gospel to have light and be children of light. It has been a great study. Man this gospel is so amazing! Ah it just blows my mind. I wish I could just throw my brain at all of you so you could absorb what I have learnt. But we all have to take our own journeys. Even Christ taught in parables so only the humble followers would understand. The more we understand the more we are held accountable for that knowledge. It is a bit of a daunting thought and just pushes me to be better and do better.
I have never been more grateful for a challenge in my life than the challenge of a mission. There is nothing greater than sacrificing yourself for the Lord. 
Well the miracle is that I am learning to really enjoy talking to complete strangers! I have always been so scared of finding and now I am learning to really love it. It is awesome! The big miracle is recognising all the tender mercies of the day. I love that the Lord always gives us enough to do to get through the day. Sometimes I just have to take it hour by hour, or even half hour by half hour, but we always get through it. Im grateful for that. 
Well I dont know what else to say. Live every day to its fullest. Life isnt about the number of days we are given but by how much we live in the day (righteous living of course). 
Have a good week and please keep the Levine family in your prayers, as well as the driver of the other vehicle who is probably feeling very bad right now they need love and prayers too!

Sister Boiteux
We retaught Joanne about missionary work and gave the boys missionary badges they LOVED it. So cute.

We won the first companionship to turn in our K reports (for driving) so we got a bunch of treats from the office missionaries yayyy for tim tams!

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