Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Expect. Believe. Achieve

I know that God lives and that He is our Father. I know that Christ atoned for each of us in the Garden of Gethsemane and upon the cross on Calvary and that because of this He can help us even in the most difficult of times. We may not always understand why we are called to go through certain exxperiences and trials but with faith in Him, the one who knows all, we can have the calm assurance that it will work out for our benefit.
Sister Levine has been my miracle, all of our miracles, for the past couple of weeks. I am so grateful for the time that I have been permitted to visit with her and her parents. The Lord has taught me much during this past week. Im grateful for every second that I have had with her and her family. It has taught me that we must be grateful in and for our circumstances just as President Uchtdorf advised us in the last general conference address. I have learnt the importance of loving others for who they are and not wasting the time we have to get to know them and to touch their lives.
This week went by just so unbelieveable fast! It astounds me!! When we dive in, head first, to the work of the Lord it just disappears. That is why it is crucial to make the most of every moment because otherwise it will just slip through your fingers. I love being a missionary but at the same time I am so excited for what the future holds for me. I just want to continue to be an instrument in the Lords hands and begin to fulfill all the other callings and responsibilities He has in store for me if I am worthy to receive it.
Yesterday we went to visit a lessactive member and it was so powerful to commit him to change in the name of Christ. We told Him that as the Lords represtenatives we knew that he could keep the commitment that we had extended because it didn't come from us it came from the Lord. To see the look in his eye when we told him we knew he could do it because he'd once done it before, that is reading the scriptures and praying, and that we knew he was destined for great things in the Lords kingdom a certain light came back in his eyes. Expectations. We need to expect the best in others if we hope for them to change. Our words will set those expectations. Kind words lift the soul to greater hights while words done with a kick of sarcasm will leave a low expectation and will leave others feeling down rather than lifted. Sarcasm is not funny, and it is not Christlike. Im working on cutting it out of my character all together. Easier said than done. We also need to expect the best in ourselves. I have a quote I love that is "What the mind can concieve and believe, you can achieve!" If we believe we are something or that we can be something we can achieve it. I truly believe that.
Well I dont really know what to say. I love this new area. We have A LOT of work to do. This area has great potential that has been forgotten for quit sometime so I know I am here to help it reach it. It will be exhausting but good.
Ummm love you all hope you have a good week!
Love always and forever,
Sister Ashley Boiteux
Visiting Sister Levine

WE LOVE TO EAT! yes i ate a whole pizza by myself.. i Smashed it!! YUMMY!

First time riding a bike on my mission!

First P-Day in Canberra


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