Monday, October 6, 2014

Pressing Onward

Man time is just zooming by. It freaks me out! It is amazing that when we fully immerse ourselves in the work of the Lord, even in the hardest of times, things work out for our benefit-eventually. This past week has been a roller coster of emotions. We were blessed with the opportunity to say goodbye to Sister Levine and see her off at the airport on her medical flight. We miss her every day. She was the best part of the day. Thank you everyone who has kept her and her family in your thoughts and prayers! She is an amazing sister missionary and I have been blessed beyond measure knowing her. It was a sacred opportunity to go sing to her. It was funny because we were singing for her, and for us because we enjoyed it, but I do realise that we have helped many others. People in the hospital would open their partitions, give us thumbs up, smile. One lady was in the elevator with us and asked "Are you the singing group? My husband and I loved listening to you but now we are in a different room." It made us chuckle because it was so sweet. There is power in the hymns that we sing, why-because they are filled with gospel truths that others are searching for. I will cherish those memories forever.
My area is great! There is A LOT of work to be done but I'm always up for a good challenge! My companion and I have been on a roller coster ride! So many blessing and fun times but also sooo many challenges. The bad outnumber the good but the good out weighs the bad. That is the epitomy of missionary work. It is wonderful and I LOVE it! So I will start with saying the bad because for those preparing for a mission you need to see that missions are peachy happy-it is hard stuff. Yesterday we tried to visit like 20 people and not one was home. We tried members, less actives, in actives, former investigators, potential investigators, investigators. No one wanted to open the door ha. But we did have one interesting/sad experience. We went to see an inactive (who was home yipee) but get this she was baptised into the Jehovahs Witness church last year. She said that 7 years ago she lost her husband (at the point she was already inactive) and she said when he died she was in a very sensitive place searching for something. She waited for someone from the church to come see her and rescue her but nobody came- well not from our church. The JW's came and study the bible with her so she got baptised with them last year and is now very active in their church. It was good that she is happy but it is sad that she has no desire and testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It was such a testimony builder to me that we need to help others and ourselves build a strong and firm foundation on Jesus Christ. It also testified to me the importance of home and visiting teaching! That is the life blood of this gospel! We promised to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort (Mosiah 18:9) and we do that by fulfilling our callings.  I know the members who should have come and helped her will be held accountable. All Sister Manutulila and I could do is testify of Gods love for her and leave our number if she ever needed anything. It was really sad.  I know that our planning was inspired yeterday even though everybody and their dog was gone. The Lord just needed to teach us a lesson I suppose. We sang hymns, quoted scriptures, and cracked jokes in order to keep our spirits up. Luckily we saw two members who helped lift our depressed moods haha. It is the worst when you are working as hard as you possible can and just not seeing the results you would like. However we have the calm assurance that God is pleased with the labour we put into His vineyard yesterday
Now lets get to the good stuff (are you bored yet... sorry I'm not sorry-keep reading haah).
So this past week we got a referral from a member for one of her friends who is from Tonga nd is a less active member and her husband is a nonmember. We called her and set up a time to come meet with her and her husband and the members would be there too. Well we roll up expecting a really nice spiritual lesson and a good Tongan feed.... well it was that.. minus the spiritual lesson part. They were having a huge family and friend party for the last footy game of the season. The mean were outside watching the game on TV with a pig roasting on the spit and all the women and our potential Kini (he is the husband) chilling inside. We went in because we didn't want to be rude and just leave and we figured making relationship as normal people is just as good. We sat and talked with them. Vika ( the less active) asked everyone what they thought if her husband was baptised and they all laughed and Kini made a joke, I thought to myself "oh man he isn't ready or want this his wife is just pushing him" i felt so sad but I kept smiling. well a couple minutes went by and all the nonmembers drifted outside to grab the kids. So it was Sister Manutulila and I, Sister Taka, Vika and Kini. Kini leaned over and whispered "Hey Sisters" we looked up at him "Can you come back tomorrow when everyone is gone because I want to talk and I have a lot of questions." He said it in the most sincere voice. My heart lept for joy at the softness of his hear that I saw. So we are going to go see them tonight actually and i am so excited! Him and his wife were best friends before they even started dating so their relationship is awesome! And Vika is really wanting to come back to the gospel strong! They are very prepared.
As a side note is was funny because they gave us both a heaping plate of food and I killed mine so fast (mind you it was fast Sunday so this was my first meal ha). Kini leaned back in his seat and laughed. Him and his wife were like "weww that is the first time we've ever seen a palagi (a white person) finish before a polynesian (i finished my plate before sister manuntulila). It was crack up. I think I won some gold stars from that act alone hahah. 
Man I wish I could tell you all the miracles and fun experiences we have had over the last couple of days but I think you'll get tired of reading them ha, I will save those for when Im home in person. 
Right now I am currently reading "Jesus the Christ" and it is AMAZING! I have learnt so much about the Saviour and I feel like I am learning to not just know of Him but to actually have a real relationship with Him and trust IN Him and not just OF Him. It is a lot easier said than done. Words can't explain how much I love Him and the example He has set for me. I hope that day by day I can continue to exemplify in my life His light.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great day!
Sister Boiteux


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