Monday, November 24, 2014

Another one bites the dust!

In the words of my dear mother "Another one bits the dust" thanks mom for that kind reminder that my time here is drawing slimmer and slimmer, like I need the reminder haha.
This week was hectic as! It was good though. Our area is slowly progressing which is exciting to see. One thing I am starting to realise is that I won't fully understand the effect I've made in the mission until I go home and most of not until I return to my Father in Heaven. That is a bit sobering because I want to know how I've done right now. But I know that the Lord needs me to be patient so that I can continue to work.
We have had so many funny/awkward experiences this week ha. The most awkward was this... so this past week I have felt prompted to just give a Book of Mormon to our neighbors. They are a lovely couple from Europe and so nice. We don't know them to well but just see them in passing. Well anyways I was afraid to give them a Book of Mormon because we live right next to them but anyways I knew we had to so we did. Saturday morning we knocked on their door and he answered in his underwear. We were like "what the heck!" haha him and his wife acted like it was nothing and he calmly said "oh hey sisters how are you." We quickly stated our purpose for being their and gave him the Book of Mormon. As awkward as it was he was very grateful for the "gift". We saw them later that day (he was fully clothed this time thank goodness) and he again stated how grateful they were.  They are catholic but I dont think they actually practice so hopefully they will take the time to read the gift we left them. Yup the reign continues of shirtless men.
For a real miracle anyways we went to do service for this man named Alan. He isn't really religious. Well we went hoping that by serving him it would help soften his heart. So we helped in his garden in 37 degree (that is like 100 F) weather to say the least we were dying! I just kept reminding myself of Moroni 7 about giving a gift with a our heart. Luckily our service paid off. We shared a short message about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and invited him to pray, which he did. We then invited him to church.  We didnt really think he would come but much to our astonishment and joy he rocked up to church yesterday. I think he really enjoyed it! It was a bit sad though because all his family is in the Phillippines and are working on getting visas to move here. Well he turned to me and said "This really is a place for families isn't it." I said "yes it is" and he responded just kind of off the top of his head "I wish I had my family here with me too" it was sad. I hope his family can join him someday. I hope he comes next week too.
A funny story of the week. So I had exchanges with Sister Tito and she came and worked with me here in Tuggeranong.  We went to visit an investigator but she wasnt home yet and was running late so we decided to tract her street while we waited. Now the thing about tracting here... almost every house has this security screen which is like a heavy duty fly screen. Some of them are one way so they can see us but we can't see them very clearly just due to the screen. Well on one such house as this this grouchy old woman answered the door. She had a heavy accent from like India or something. We complimented her on her beautiful rose garden. She quickly cut us off and said "yes what do you want". We told her who we were and she started yelling at us "how dare you come here. Do you see what I am!?" I innocently just said "well um no we can't really see through your screen" she said "I am a hindu and I dont like jews, I don't like muslims, and I DON'T LIKE CHIRSTIANS! All you do is kill people. Now go find someone else to kill!" And she slammed the door. In a matter of 30 seconds it was over. Sister Tito and I just stood there in astonishment. Wow. I don't know how some people can be so shortsighted and judgmental of a whole group of people just from the wicked actions of few. I hope she took a happy pill later that day. Oh the joys of tracting I LOVE IT hahah (no sarcasm). Always an adventure.
There a for moments where the day just drags on, especially when you know every single person pretty much on your ward list and half of them just plain aren't interested. It is sad.
Biggest miracle: We heard that Sister Levine is talking!!!! That made our day! So amazing!
Please continue to keep her in your prayers!
The best part of my week (besides hearing about Sister Levine) was that Aunty Becci, Davem and Kiki (from Oatlands area) came to visit me before I go home. It was so good to see them. They are such a lovely family! Im so grateful for all the people that the Lord has placed in my path here to leave it for the better.
Well that is from my leg of the neighborhood. Life is going on. I pray to stay sane the last couple of weeks. For the past 2 I have had serious nightmares about coming home... no joke. I think it is just a sign that it will in reality be good haha. Last night was the worst because our AC broke so we were sleeping in a flat which was at like 28 degrees it was soooo hot. I was grateful I wasn't in Sydney where it was even hotter. Hey at least it made me sweat, maybe i'll lose some weight that way hahaha.
Well this is long and I think I should wrap up now. Love you and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Boiteux

Zion Zone... AKA Canberra Zone (we're all freaks)
Exchanges with Sister Tito and Sister Burnett

Mom we are cooking! You'd be so proud of us!!!! This was taco salad! Deliciouso!

At lunch with the Pembertons at our favorite place Hogs Breath

With Aunty Becci I love her she is the best

With Kiki it was so hard saying goodbye to her

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