Sunday, November 30, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Gobble... Gobble...

I hope you all had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving! Man the holiday seasons always put us missionaries into retrospect of how much we really love and appreciate our families, and our country. Man I love Ameria! Actual Thanksgiving day was a bit of a bummer for us. We woke up having 4 set appointments and a Thanksgiving meal and one by one they all cancelled. That was a bit of a bummer but we stayed optimistic and kept doing our best. We went to a members to pick up some cherries and she ended up making us a very lovely meal. She felt so bad when she found out it was Thanksgiving and wanted to buy us a Costco pumpkin pie but the pie machine broke haha. We were so grateful for the meal she cooked us though or we would have been having cereal so it was a Thanksgiving miracle! Then we had Thanksgiving Take 2!
We went to the Scotts house (he is in the bishopric and is from Utah) on Saturday for a Thanksgiving dinner. They got permission for all of us 6 missionaries to come over because they had lessactives, and nonmembers there, it was fantastic! Honestly I think it was one of the best Thanksgiving meals I have had, it was yummy! I love the spirit of Thanksgiving! 
The best part of this week was that is was Brodies baptism! Brodie was an investigator that I was working with in Woden Ward. He is 9 and the funniest kid ever! I got so teary eyed at his baptism and so was his family. He was telling everyone it was his baptism and he was so excited! 
Afterwards the senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Stenlund, took Sister Sunday and I out for dinner. They are so lovely!!!! They are like our grandparents away from home! I admire them so much and they have really helped my desire to serve a mission with my husband grow 10 fold! In my future family I will show my children and grandchildren that "in this family we serve missions!"
This is their third mission and they just love serving the Lord, even though it is hard to be away from their loved ones. They also give us giant tubes of pretzels from Costco that we go through in like a week, I was going to take a picture but... I forgot so stay tuned ha. 
The work is going as well as the Lord wants it to for us at this time. We are working as hard as we can. I have a strong knowledge that this is the Lords work. Only with His enabling power am I able to keep going. Somedays, okay lets be real EVERY day (especially between the hours of 1-4) I am always SOOOO tired and don't think I have the energy to keep going. I pray in my heart and mind that He will give me enough strength to do so, and always, always I am able to. I know it is because he aids me. I remember the first time this happened on my mission. I was in Oatlands area and Sister Pea and I were out walking and I was exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically. I prayed that I could keep going and honestly I was given added strength and felt less tired. I had the slight impression that angels were helping, especially my Nana, and that thought more than anything gave me the boost I needed. I know that there are seen and unseen forces aiding in the work of Salvation. It is exciting!
This has probably been the fastest and the longest transfer of my mission life! Every morning I mentally refocus myself to keep my heart, might, mind, and strength on the mission. I dont allow myself to let my mind wander and when I do I control back to the task at hand. The only time I try to think of coming home now is at night after planning and the area book has been updated. Man coming home is SCARY people!!! But it is exciting too! Well I am going to end this now. Just warning you next week will probably, most likely, 99.9% my longest and most spiritual and sappy email so be warned! I love you all. Keep praying for missionary moments! Also check out you will love it!

Sister Boiteux

Brodies Baptism

i just loved this because it says california hahah

With Elder and Sister Stenlund

Thanksgiving, and with the Scotts little girl

DESSERT!! yummy pie!

Elder Hammond, our district leader, and his mountainous pile of dessert after like 5 servings of food, man elders can eat!

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