Sunday, November 16, 2014

Look to the Stars

Man the night before I email I always have the most wonderful things that I want to say to you and then I get on here and look at the blank screen and the little cursor going blink...blink...blink and so my mind goes blink...blink..blink. It is fan-freaking-tastic haha. Now I'm sure you are all just dying in anticipation to see what I did this week haha. In the drama department things are better now. I have a great companion who I love with all my heart, we are freaks together as our pictures will testify about. However I have learnt on my mission that very rarely do you get an easy companion and an easy area. This area is wonderful it is beautiful but it is a bit slow. It is very small with what we have to work and none of our investigators are to thrilled about learning they have more of a "she'll be right" attitude. We are really putting in the time to find new people who the Lord is preparing for us. Our mission has a standard of excellence for three new investigators a week and we are struggling to meet that. But I know that if we remain positive and work diligently that the Lord will provide.
This past week we decided to do some knock knocking a.k.a TRACTING! Super fun! We prayed and told the Lord where we were going and for how long. No we did not get any new investigators which was a bummer but we know that we did the best we could and maybe it was just necessary for us to put the name of the church out there. We got some potentials we will follow up with later this week. Man tracting can be so dang awkward sometimes (bytheway that is my favourite word as a missionary because more often than not it feels awkward but you push througgh ha). Anyways we meet a couple shirtless old men who should not have been shirtless especially in front of sister missionaries. They had no shame. We meet heaps of people who only believe in science and call us naiive for believing in a God. People who just have no interest at all and would rather open the door see our badge and immediately proceed to slame the door in our face all before we can even finish saying "hello". There are those who say they aren't interested but in your mind you can see them being a great bishop, or young womens and relief society presidents. When they still decline after you've said all you can you just pray for their souls and feel sadness they said no right now but have hope that you planted a good seed for the future. On one street we went to for a bit we knocked on this door and this lady looked familiar I said without thinking "I think I've seen you before" and my companion also stupified said "yeah me too!" the lady just stared at us. We began talking and she said she believes in science not faith.. haha which is crack up because if you believe in science that is a faith ha. Anyways that isn't the point, as we were talking to her I realised we had street contacted her the week before for like a split second and given her our number, she wasnt interested. If wasn't a coincidence that we found her again-maybe someday.
Man I think my hair decided to go blonde this week because I have had so many blonde moments with names... EMBARRASSING! When we were tracting we were talking to this man named Alex (who also believed in science) he was running in and out of the house with buckets of water because he was emptying his giant fishtank. We would take for like 90 seconds then he would run in grab the bucket through the water on the plants then run back inside with the bucket to let it fill again. We just stood on the doorstep talking to him. Well at the end I started to bare my testimony and I said "Well Jereme I know"... and I hear my comp cough and go "Alex his name is Alex" MAN IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING!!!! Jereme doesn't even sound like Alex it doesnt even start with the same letter hahaha. Good thing it didn't seem to phase him. I stumbled over my words and just tried to fix it and make it not awkward...yup... Then the next day I did the same thing while baring my testimony again I called a man named Steven Shaun. Slap to forehead Sister Boiteux. When we got in the car my companion just died laughing as I tried to hid my face ha. I just came up with the cool excuse that maybe I just remembered their premortal life names hahaha. Fat chance.
We got a new investigator though whos name is Lauren she is golden and super awesome. She is 19 and a bit of a flower child. She is hilarious and I hope that we can see her baptised before we both go.
Hmmmm what else... well we had a really spiritual zone conference and I bawled like a baby when I bore my testimony of my mission. Seriously I cry so much when I think about it. Thus I try not to. Every night I have nightmares of coming home and just being miserable. It makes me wake up feeling anxious and sad. I just read my scriptures and try to get my mind off my future life and just focus on the work. I love work. Even when it is hard I love work and I love being busy. I love teaching and preaching. I love being able to testify and promise blessing. I love saying "As a represtentative for the Lord Jesus Christ I know....(promise blessing that I feel inspired to say)" Man I get the chills just thinking of the power of this gospel message. I LOVE IT!!!
Folks when I come home please dont expect me to be who I was before and dont expect me to like what I liked before. If you love me you will help me to continue to keep the habits I have made and will try to make them habits of your own because they are good and true. And I promise that I wont be pushy and preachy but just try to continue being who I now am. I want you to know that I am not the same person that I was nearly a year and a half ago. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and always will be. I'm here to help you be better and you are there to help me. Together we need to become and live up to our potential as Sons and Daugther of a perfect, all mighty, just and meriful, loving Father in Heaven. 
I am eternally grateful for the past year and a half and will always be in debt to my Savior. I hope that I continue to be diligent, valient, and exactly obedient even when it would be easy to just give up and wish for the future to be here now. A quote I found this week that I love says
 "Two men look out through the same bars: one sees the mud, and one the stars." -Frederick Longbridge
I hope that we can all look towards the stars of our future and not the mud of our tough times.
I love you all and can't wait till I see you again in a couple weeks.
Sister Boiteux

tracting in the rain YAYYYYYY

Purtty bird! Birdie want a cracker?

Look mom we cooked! We made pizza and "death by special K" which is like rice crispy treats yum!

We got americano food-ish. I got reeses and gummy bears and american lemonade. My comp got dorritos, hersheys and lemonade yum #fattiesforlife

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