Monday, November 10, 2014

Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings from Heaven

Man where do I even start with this week... this week in one word was: hell. I'm grateful for it no doubt because I have learnt SO many lessons I wouldn't have been able to learn otherwise. The biggest lesson is this- the power of one. One person does/can make a difference, and if that difference is for good or evil it is our choice. I love the scripture Romans 5:19 "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous."  Seriously being obedient is not that hard because it is the easiest and smartest path to happiness. Because of some missionaries disobedience not only has their area been effected but we've been effected and so has our area-it is dumb. I'm grateful for the lessons that I've learnt to be WILLINGLY OBEDIENT. The Lord can make infinetly more of us than we can ever EVER make of of ourselves. If you are wanting to serve a mission (especially you Carly and Blake) make the goal this very moment to be obedient to every commandment and every mission rule. For those of you back home please follow the admonition of our beloved prophet and the leaders of this church. Keep your covenants and keep the commandments-it is the only path to TRUE joy and happiness.
This week I learnt that we can not change the will of God. We can not force Him to change our situations just because we are not happy. Yes we can come up with solutions to propose to Him but in the end we need to learn to just trust Him and take things one day at a time. Focus on the bigger eternal picture, I forgot to do that from Monday to Thursday and it resulted in a lot of hurt feelings and pain.... just see the eternal picture and take things step by step and we will see the Lords merciful hand.
Okay enough of my lecture (honestly I just vent and right novels on my emails because I know this will become like a journal after my mission for myself and I want to be spiritually edified myself haha... it is more for me than you).  Just like my title says "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" well this week I sacrificed my pride and as a result our 9 year old investigator Brodie committed to be baptised! His mum is an inactive member so she is really excited for her son, I hope she will start coming back too.  We are really excited for Brodie we were fist pumping just a bit (not in front of him of course ha).  
The biggest miracle is probably in regards to Sister Levine and hearing about how much she is progressing. I really miss and love her.  she is such an example of faith and enduring till the end, she is such a fighter. Please keep praying for her fast recovery! 
Well as for the big news of my area and life.... so I am now companions with Sister Sunday, she is from Morgan Utah. I freaking love her! I have known her a long time and we lived together last transfer so we are pretty tight already haha. We are covering both Tuggeranong ward and part of Woden. Both areas are MASSIVE so it will be a lot of work but we are eager to accept the challenge and help in the Lords work. I'm glad I can still serve in Woden for the time being and meet heaps of other wonderful people.... We are going to be exhausted!!!! Mom I still look forward to the massage when I get home ha.
Well I love you all. Remember 1:Be obedient 2: Trust the Lords will and timing 3:Keep praying for Sister Levine!

Love you all have a good week!

Sister Ashley Boiteux
p.s. sorry no pictures this week my camera is broken

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