Saturday, May 13, 2017


This week has gone by so fast! My days were all thrown off since we have church on Saturday here and then a free day on Sunday.  All week I thought we were a day ahead ha. Other than being sick this week was great! We went to multiple sights that overlook Jerusalem which was really cool. We went to Nani Samuel which has this old mosque and synagogue on top of a hill. The Crusaders called this place Mount Joy because it was the first place that they could see Jerusalem.  It also overlooks a field where the Israelites fought with the Gibeonites against the non-Israelite Kings.  Another of my favorite overlooks was from the south of Jerusalem called the Haas Promenade (Tayelet).  It was on this hill that Abraham would have left his servants when he and Isaac went up to Mt. Moriah to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.  We read the story of Abraham's trial and the lessons he learned and that Isaac probably learned.  One thing I love is that God knew what Abraham would do but He wanted Abraham to know how faithful Abraham was. The last stop was at the Garden Tomb. That has so far been my favorite part.  We went at a really good time and there was hardly anyone there. It is right by the Old City in a pretty busy and loud area however the grounds at the Garden Tomb are really quiet and peaceful.  The peace there was similar to the peace I feel at church sights.  It was just very reverent.  After the tour all 83 of us gathered together and sang a few hymns.  It really invited the spirit.
Let's see... what else? Um... I got scolded by my father to leave the center and not just do homework all day and to go out to the city.  That was solid advice. Thanks Dad! The amount of homework we have on a daily basis is unreal! I mean I'm pretty used to reading a lot for my major but... I feel like we have 30+ pages of reading each class each day. Good thing I love to read, and thank goodness for study groups!!
I'm still struggling to figure out how to upload pics.  I have to download some app and the wifi here isn't good enough for it to download. I will probably just make a Facebook album.  Overall everything is great!
Much love!

Ash :)

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